Here at Aditi Consulting we support top firms in the industry, helping shape today's business landscape. Global organizations rely on us to address the complex challenges presented by operational technology, strategic planning, and talent management.

A Staffing Company Dedicated to Supplying Your Contingent and SOW Service Needs

Aditi Consulting is a staffing company all about people. We align top talent with the specific needs of our clients. Understanding people is core to who we are. Allowing Aditi to fill your contingent labor and SOW services, you can make better sourcing decisions. Thus, resulting in lower costs and better visibility. Our rich and comprehensive legacy, combined with unyielding support to our people is the driving force behind all that we do.

The word’s out, we deliver!

Our Vision

Aditi Consulting aspires to drive value to our consultants, clients, and MSP partners as the supplier of choice for solutions in technical talent.

Our Mission

To provide top IT talent to our clients, while providing career and life value to our consultants.

Celebrating diversity

Throughout our history in working with global enterprises we’ve made it a point to celebrate the rich diversity of cultures, and worldviews people bring to life every day.

We passionately believe that an essential component of any leading company is the practice of incorporating the unique values, experiences, and perspectives of people from across the world.

We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise. In 2013, Aditi was recognized in the annual List of Diversity Staffing Firms. In 2014 and 2015, we were again recognized as a Top Diversity Staffing firm by Staffing Industry Analysts. This acknowledgement has furthered our resolve to maintain a multicultural constituency of employees ,aiding us to successfully connect with the demographic realities of an increasingly diverse society.

Why Aditi?

We are a people-driven consulting company. We understand the synergy of technology and the creative talent that brings it to life. We love to find business solutions that unlock your success. Our commitment is to gain a deep understanding of our clients’ needs so we can furnish top talent, and drive unparalleled performance.

Our history is rooted in servicing and managing technology and professional talent programs for clients across the digital world. We’ve worked in industries such as Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Finance and Retail. We locate and engage the right people and resources to secure the achievement of goals. As your trusted partner, we will strive to understand your business needs and provide solutions to unlock your success! When our clients face modern challenges, they rely on us for effective solutions to optimize talent and achieve scalability with efficiency.

Quality StaffingQuality Assured

  • #1 Supplier for World-Leading Companies Specializing in Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing, Online Payment, and Printing Technologies
  • 15% of Our Consultants Convert to Direct Hires
  • 2015 Supplier of the Year for the World’s Largest MSP Firm
  • 2015 Strategic Partner of the Year with an Additional Top Global MSP Firm

IT Consulting SOW Projects - Quality Assured Aditi Consulting

Speed to market - StaffingSpeed to Market

  • For America’s leading Telecom Company: A 1.63-3.0 Days to Submit since last 3 Years, better than 4.24 of MSP Avg.
  • Technology Clients: A 1.88 Days to Submit Across 15 Technology Clients
  • New Clients Average First Time Fill of less than 30 Days

IT Consulting SOW Projects - Speed to Market Assured Aditi Consulting


Service Delivery and ComplianceService Delivery Excellence

  • 2015 Coverage: Averaged 2.16 Client Submission on All New Requisitions
  • 2015 Interview/Shortlist: Achieved a 28.6% Interview to Requisition Rate
  • 2015 Fill Ratio: 6.9% New Requisition Fill Ratio, Surpassing the MSP 5% Average

IT Consulting SOW Projects - Service Delivery Excellence Assured Aditi Consulting

Diversity, Cost & Compliance

  • 100% of All Spend Under Management is Diversity Spend
  • Consistently Ranked as Top 10 Supplier At or Below Market Rate
  • 100% Compliant Across all Programs

IT Consulting SOW Projects - Diversity, Cost & Compliance Assured Aditi Consulting

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Our Leadership

Pradeep Singh - CEO and Chairman - Aditi Consulting
Pradeep Singh
Chairman & Board
Raja Narayana
CEO and President
Thomas Chandy
Vice President, Recruitment
Kevin Adams - Vice President Finance and Accounting - Aditi Consulting
Kevin Adams
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Meghna Nehra - Director Account Management - Aditi Consulting
Meghna Nehra
Vice President, Account Management
Kunal Gill - Director Strategic Relations - Aditi Consulting
Kunal Gill
Vice President - Client Development

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