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Wondering Where a Career In Digital Marketing Will Take You?

Digital marketing is a term that covers a wide range of activities involved in the marketing of products and services. It is targeted, measurable, and interactive. Digital marketing uses digital technology to reach out to prospective buyers and convert them into customers.

Qualification Requirements for Digital Marketers

If you’re looking for digital marketing jobs, the certification will vary based on the position you want to occupy.

A bachelor’s degree in internet marketing, or a related area is the basic qualification for this field. In a degree course, you’ll learn the basics of SEO, budget management, web analytics, and pay-per-click advertising. Completing a program like this will put you on the road to becoming a digital marketing specialist.

If you’re looking for manager or director-level posts in digital marketing, most companies require you to possess a master’s degree. Besides choosing from the abundance of master’s courses in the US, you can do a course in integrated marketing that concentrates primarily on digital marketing.

There are also certificate courses for graduates who already have a master’s in general marketing. Places like Georgetown University in Washington DC and NYU School of Professional Studies offer these courses to professional marketers looking to enter digital marketing. Sites like provide online courses through which you can obtain a master’s degree.

Showcasing the Right Digital Marketing Skills

If you’re looking for jobs in digital marketing, having a strong foundation in SEO, web analytics, and other internet marketing concepts is a very valuable skill. It’s also essential to have some knowledge of how consumer behaviour can be driven and controlled through the internet and advertising.

What Kind of Experience Does a Digital Marketer Need?

Almost all US companies make it mandatory that their digital marketers have at least 2 years of experience in the field. However, companies also consider work that you’ve done in any aspect of the marketing profession. So if you’re looking to enter this arena, advertising, event management, online marketing, and social media marketing are sure to improve the weightage of your application.

Programming Languages and Technologies

It’s necessary to have a working knowledge of the latest digital software, and that you understand how to use XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP, and Adobe. Apart from this, you need to be an e-commerce expert; you must know how to pull customers to your website and convert them into online buyers.

Why You Should Become a Digital Marketer

According to a study conducted by Direct Marketing Association, the money spent on advertising through mobile phones and tablets has risen by 180% since 2014, and is at a staggering $4 billion! This market is estimated to touch $7.2 billion soon, and that’s just one aspect of digital marketing. The entire industry currently has a net worth of $62 billion. The need for better advertising has led to a rise in digital marketer jobs, and this industry seems to be flourishing.

What You’ll Be Doing If You Take This Job

As a digital marketer, you will have to utilise web analytics, email marketing, SEO, and even social media to create a platform for marketing the company’s products. You may also have to devise online promotions and campaigns to get your company’s message across to consumers. Conducting consumer research and figuring out ways of connecting with consumers is also a part of the job.

If you’re looking for a managerial position, supervising and executing internet marketing campaigns must be your forte. Managers are also required to provide guidance to the members of the marketing team.

Digital Marketing Careers: The Bottomline

The median salary of a digital marketing manager in the United States is approximately $76,000, with the net figure going up to $241,000 for Chief Marketing Technologists. Entry-level jobs fall in the $28,487 – $59,977 range. So if you’re deciding to switch jobs, or enter the world of digital marketing, you’ve got a bright future ahead of you.

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Project Manager IT 2

Job Reference: 16-10958 Type: Contract

Software Tester - Mid Level

Job Reference: 16-10787 Type: Contract

Business Analyst 1

Job Reference: 16-10773 Type: Contract

Software Tester - Entry Level

Job Reference: 16-10730 Type: Contract

Job Description:
• Provide support to SW Development by performing requested testing on Engineering builds and system integration testing.
Update SW Builds on various devices
• Update SW Builds on various devices.
• Execute manual black box testing. Test methods include but not limited to UI Specifications, test cases, sanity, and exploratory.
• Responsible for finding, reproducing, reporting and verifying defects.
• Develop and/or update test cases based on SW or UI requirements.
• May require to perform white box testing.
• Testing Bluetooth devices and various apps/services on TV and BDP platforms.

• Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or other related field preferred.
• Minimum 6 months-1 year
• Must be able to work independently as well as in team environment.
• Must possess excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.
• Willing to work in a very "hands on” environment.
• Strong knowledge of quality assurance methodologies is required, along with knowledge of digital television technology, USB and HDMI-CEC interfaces.
• Knowledge of 2nd language a plus (in particular Japanese, Spanish or French

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Ads Risk Analyst

Job Reference: 16-10428 Type: Contract


Job Reference: 16-10384 Type: Contract

Public Content Contractor

Job Reference: 16-10364 Type: Contract

Visual Designer, Digital

Job Reference: 16-10362 Type: Contract

Financial Analyst

Job Reference: 16-10308 Type: Contract

Marketing Admin

Job Reference: 16-10263 Type: Contract