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Retail Sales Representative - II

Job Reference: 17-03562 Type: Contract

Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities:
Desired College Educated (Marketing/ Business Administration with Sales Acumen)
Required: Flexibility and ability to travel throughout the NYC area with ease (bus, subway, train). A personal vehicle and driver s license in some areas (i.e. Brooklyn, Westchester County) and willingness to drive from one area to another will be required for some of the resources. Primary territory areas will be Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens but assignments could extend to Long Island and Westchester County, NY as well.
Extrovert This is a face to face , relationship building position. The incumbent would need to be professional in appearance and have the ability to represent the Client's Brand.
Ability to learn quickly we would require the incumbent to learn our Telecommunication culture and products and services in a quick turnaround -- -thus having the ability to build relationships with our prospective customers in a B2B relationship essentially selling Client's, both our brand and our marketing and sales approach to property owners, developers and property staff (on-site property managers, leasing agents , supers any property professional that would assist in providing pre-sale and first 30 day launch access to the property for Telecommunication marketing and sales tactics and activity)
Incumbent(s) would be provided with list of properties in a given territory (mainly Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens however this could extend to Long Island and Westchester County) and would need to hunt for the property decision maker. On the job training and onboarding will be provided to learn our internal systems to research for decision maker as well as external sources. Another way they would garner the correct decision maker is building internal cross functional relationship with Client's Business Development, Engineering and/or Construction teams, who generally have decision maker (or individuals who work with the decision makers ) relationships already established due to the work they do during site surveys and during the actual build process to bring our Client's Telecommunication Network to any given new property (MDU).
Incumbent(s) would be assigned relationship building and property pre-launch and launch marketing and sales planning for 30 -60 day periods at a time
o Pre-Launch Activity: Begin building B2B Property relationships 30,45,60 days prior to our Client's network build being complete. This would include but is not limited to attending engineering meetings/conference calls to partner on which properties are on their upcoming build schedules and those that have a high confidence level of moving forward to build completion. Upon garnering this understanding the incumbent would visit the property, cold call, email (as this contact information is available) to set up appoint and to education on our desire to build a plan to educate the property residents (B2C relationship) on the fact that Telecommunication is coming as well as planning Pre-Sale launch events and tactics along with the property professionals. These pre-launch/pre-sale activities could include plans for grass roots flyering and/or on site lobby (common area) events. Upon successful negotiations for launch activity, the incumbent would schedule our alternate channels to staff the activities (grass roots resources, event resources, D2D resources , etc.). While the incumbent would not directly sell to residents they would be required to attend events to oversee and would also be required (as needed and as part of the BAU responsibilities) to assist at the event in terms of event set up (ordering and procuring any hospitality items, bringing and setting up our event sets tables/podiums and overseeing not managing the direct sales team to ensure they are in compliance with what has been agreed to , in partnership with the property professionals).
o Post Launch first 30 day of open for sale Activity: Very much the same as above but once a property (MDU) is built the first 30 days of the launch of the property are our most important. This is where 80% of the incumbents activities will be. Pre planning for the first 30 day launch and building a very robust attack plan prior to the launch with the goal of to ensure we reaching 17% minimum penetration of our Telecommunication services. The incumbent will be expected to be creative in their approach this is where the marketing and sales acumen will be required. Documented plans, utilizing our alternate channel, direct sales teams (D2D, Events, Engagement Managers and Grass Roots) will be at their disposal but will need to be scheduled and directed (under the guidance of the internal Account Manager) in terms of the lead offer to utilize during the launch based on the property demographics and need. The incumbent will need to develop a solid working relationship with the property professionals/staff on site prior to launch to be successful. Permission will need to be obtained for the on-site marketing in some of the properties -- in others, there may be an open door to activity. We also may have formal marketing agreements established by our Business Development teams that provide specific tactics that are permitted at a particular property and those that are not . The incumbent would need to read and understand the marketing agreement to ensure Client's is in compliance with these contracts. All of this will be under the guidance of our internal Account Managers that the incumbents will be supporting.
o The ideas is that every 30 days , these resources would be provided a new set of properties as they will be primarily working on the Pre-Launch and first 30 day of Telecommunication open for sale launch planning and activities ONLY. Every month will bring a new challenge. This will be a fast passed positons where simultaneous planning will need to be don t for the next new properties coming open for sale, while current properties are being launched .
o Success is reaching the goal in every property assigned at a minimum of 17% penetration within the first 30 days.

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