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Do you have the leadership qualities to effectively manage and execute a project? If you possess the skills, amazing project management careers await, and we can help you find them. Jobs in project management are in demand. With our assistance, you’ll be able to find project manager jobs aligned with your ambitions.

Who is a Project Manager?

Project managers are professionals who are responsible for a particular project in a definite field or vertical. They are responsible for the progress, cost incurred, and efficient execution of their project. Project managers are seen in almost all kinds of companies and businesses, be it fashion, advertising, architecture, or even aerospace and defense.

The main responsibilities that a project manager carries includes developing clear and attainable project goals with straightforward task requirements. The project manager must also take care of the basics of the project execution process, like time, money, and quality. Project manager jobs garner handsome salaries in most companies.

What certifications are required to be a project manager?

There are quite a few certificates that you can earn from some recognized organizations by undertaking a specific course. You can pursue these courses if you fulfil the basic eligibility criteria and crack the aptitude based entrance test of the institute. Certifications like Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM), Master Project Manager (MPM), and Project Manager Professional Certification (PMP) will help you in applying for mid or senior level position as a project manager in an organization. Stanford and Project Management Institute are two of the major universities that provide specialization in this field. You can also opt for their online short courses to get yourself acquainted with the subject.

What is the scope for project managers?

Any organization works on various kinds of projects: some big, some small. Hence, they require professionals who have proper managerial skills to execute and lead a project. So there is a huge demand for project managers in the job market in all kinds of verticals, which opens a huge amount of opportunities for potential project managers. No matter which field you belong to, being able to manage projects and people will always come in handy.

What type of technical skill sets & qualifications do you need to work in this vertical?

Management directly affects an organization’s productivity and progress. Because the better the projects are managed, the better the reputation and image the business creates. Therefore, candidates are expected to be competent enough to lead and direct projects. They are expected to be careful about the constraints of the project management role, which includes time, cost, scope, and quality.

If your past working experience showcases good management skills and your ability to lead, then earning a mid or senior level job in the field will be easy. Therefore, if you are currently employed then you are advised to take up projects and successfully execute them. This will showcase your skills that you can efficiently take initiation, develop clear targets, and work in a group.

There are no particular technologies you should be aware of if you aspire to be a project manager. Nevertheless, you should have a sound command and understanding of technologies related to your particular field. For example, if you aspire to be a project manager in an advertising/marketing firm, you should be aware of technologies and concepts related to human interaction, visual designing, and user interface designing.

What are the career opportunities for a project manager?

There has been a boom in management jobs overall, let alone project management. As a matter of fact, project managers are professionals who are responsible for the whole assignment and hence play a very significant part in an organization’s management team. Therefore, the pay scale is also quite impressive. According to, the average salary of a project manager is about $89,000.

A certification in project managing will come in handy if you wish to further advance in your particular field and seek a hefty increment in your salary.

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5 years project/program management experience experience delivering regional projects; experience with formal project management methodology.Typical Office: This is a typical office job, with no special physical requirements or unusual work environment.
Knowledge of SAP BW a plus.
Experience in Cloud based application implementations a plus.

Must be certified as a Scrum Master.
SA (Scaled Agilist) and/or SASM (SAFe Advanced Scrum Master) qualifications a plus.

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  • Work closely with creative leads to set strategy and goals for creative development efforts
  • Establish and maintain project production schedules to ensure a smooth end-to-end development plan that meets product goals and quality bar, and ensures that all art assets are delivered on time and implemented to spec
  • Establish and maintain an efficient and flexible project art pipeline that facilitates the creation review, feedback, revision, deployment cycle of art asset production
  • Identify and secure resources to keep project on-track
  • As POC for team communication, establish clear communication channels and process across creative and XFN teams, including PMM, legal and policy Schedule, manage, track and address XFN feedback and stakeholder approvals
  • Predict and/or identify roadblocks and obstacles, and proactively establish meetings or integration points between teams to address and resolve them
  • Work closely with XFN product and engineering teams to unlock future possibilities that marry emerging technologies and creative expression
  • Facilitate, document and disseminate decisions to key stakeholders
  • Prioritize competing needs with good reasoning and creative solutions
  • Manage external vendor/contractor relationships
  • Experience in project management and relationship building
  • Experience working with artists, designers and engineers to design, build, and deliver products and creative effects that use emerging technologies
  • Experience establishing and/or managing production pipelines
Preferred Qualifications
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment that requires independent time management, task prioritization, and ability to identify problems and work towards solutions
  • Communication skills and a visual, vocabulary (should be able to articulate design direction to artists and non-artists alike)
  • Experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other design packages
Additional skills:
Bilingual in English and Mandarin
Ability to learn internal tools quickly and can do simple scripting.
Education: Bachelor’s Degree preferred

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