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Senior Finance Analyst

Job Reference: 16-10060 Type: Contract

Store Visit Mapper-San Francisco

Job Reference: 16-09138 Type: Contract

Auditor- IT

Job Reference: 16-08950 Type: Contract

Network Engineer III

Job Reference: 16-08190 Type: Contract

Job Title: Network Engineer III
Duration: 6 Months
Seattle, WA

General Information General Information

Overview is looking for best-in-class Network Engineers to help deploy, scale and automate one of the world's largest and complex networks. With Amazon Web Services, our goal is to become "The Infrastructure Platform” to the world. Our customers demand the highest quality and reliability for their services. We are expanding at a tremendous rate it is our responsibility to maintain quality and reliability while developing innovative ways to automate the scaling of our network.

As a Network Engineer working within AWS Infrastructure you will:

Be responsible for deploying network infrastructure across all of our network fabrics that supports the Amazon Retail Service, Kindle, Payments and multiple AWS services.
Deploy, scale and automate our network across multiple global datacenters. This includes existing footprints and greenfield locations.
Drive scaling of current network designs to meet the demand of our customers.
Create simple, repetitive deployment processes that increase both velocity and quality.
Work closely with our internal customers on designs/solutions; bringing those designs/solutions from concept to production.
Create and update our network standards and ensure that the network is deployed to these standards.
Create and implement changes on the network.
Work closely with our automation teams in defining the tools that allow us to scale at unprecedented volume.

Our ideal candidate is highly autonomous, possesses strong written and verbal communication skills, strong project management and time management skills and has a successful track record of designing simple, scalable solutions and troubleshooting complex network problems and delivering innovative solutions. The desire and ability to work in a fast paced, collaborative environment is essential.
Basic Qualifications
Primary Qualifications

A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience is required.
Candidates should have 2+ years industry experience in a similar environment.
Excellent IP networking fundamentals and extensive experience in the application and troubleshooting of IP protocols.
Excellent TCP networking fundamentals and extensive experience in the application and troubleshooting of TCP.
In-depth knowledge of and experience with major internet routing protocols; specifically BGP and OSPF
Excellent network analysis fundamentals and robust troubleshooting skills.
Experience scripting with Python and/or Perl
Basic understanding of the UNIX/LINUX operating environments with the ability to navigate, manipulate and understand the file structure.

Preferred Qualifications

Needs to be a highly motivated to learn
Needs to have strong written and verbal communication skills
Ability to multitask effectively
Strong logical thinking skills, with the ability to adapt as new information becomes available
Ability to operate efficiently under pressure

Tell me about your team and how this resource will fit in?
Backbone provisioning operations support the scaling of Amazon's global backbone network. This network carriers IP traffic on terrestrial and submarine fiber paths between our points of presence around the globe. This allows amazon to keep traffic between our data-centers "on-net " while improving availability and performance for our customers. This role will assist in deployment and scaling efforts by taking single-threaded ownership of new backbone links and integrating them into the network.
Peering and Transit supports the scaling of Amazon's global internet edge presence. Our internet edge presence at POPs around the globe and interconnected by our backbone allows us to grow and scale connectivity to other autonomous systems (networks) around the globe. This role will assist in deployment and scaling efforts by taking single-threaded ownership of new peering and transit capacity requests and integrating them into the network by working with your counterpart on the partner carrier networks.

In addition, other managers from the deploying and scaling organizations will be seeking candidates from this requisition, principally in aggregation switching, core scaling, enterprise, and other IP routing and switching centric areas.

Project Description (include why the need exists)
Current scaling forecasts require additional resources to achieve desired capacity improvements for 2016. Much of this is covered in Question 1.

Responsibilities/Deliverables that the resource will be responsible for?
Completed capacity additions in to the network based on Amazon standards, including metrics reporting. This includes owning a capacity addition and all engineering, deployment, and change management efforts related to it.
Some of this is covered in Question 1.

What does a typical work day entail? (Overtime, schedule, etc.?) Remote work?
The candidate will work at the Amazon South Lake Union campus during normal work hours, typically arriving by 9:30 and leaving around 5:00. On average, they will work several change management activities outside of these working hours per week based on the needs of the global region where they are performing these changes. This may include work performed remotely with a company provided laptop and VPN Access.
All hours worked should be reported and billed accordingly. At times, this may include overtime, but ordinarily comp time during the same work week is utilized instead. We have some flexibility for someone who wants to start their day earlier or later.
Can you describe the team culture in your department?
Our teams experience an independent yet collaborative culture. Independence, sounds decision making, and ability to deal with ambiguity are desired traits and looked upon favorably by peers. We work together in a team room environment and lean on each other as necessary to get the job done, but work is primarily independent. We are results driven and subscribe to a work hard play hard mentality. "work hard, have fun, make history” is the official Amazon slogan.

Length of Assignment? Is there any possibility the project could go longer?
All assignments are contract. Expected initial term is 6 months for candidates. We can extend up to a maximum of 11 months, based on the contractor fit and Amazon needs at the time. No guarantees are made and this is not a commitment to contract for any period of time.

Is your goal to consider this candidate for FTE status
There is a recurring problem of candidates believing this role is contract to hire. To ensure candidate satisfaction it is important they understand the details below. There should be no expectation established that simply performing your contracting role adequately will lead to a full time role.

Candidates who meet the NDE bar will be considered for full time employment based on Amazon's needs. The candidate must pass the same interview and screening process and meet our high bar, but they do have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their value to the organization and develop during their time here.
We have a demonstrated track record of converting qualified candidates but this is strictly based on their individualized performance and the companies needs and policies in effect at that time. A candidate arriving with an expectation of conversion based on the successful performance of their contract can lead to a bad experience. A candidate arriving with a desire for an opportunity to prove themselves will do well.

What are the must have skills you are looking for in this contingent worker?

For the high levels skills required of a NDE, please view the general position description here. A candidate should expect to have this full skillset to be successful beyond a contracting role.
Specific skillsets beneficial to contracting for these roles are below. Due to the limited time to ramp up a candidate, it is preferred to place with some or all of the following:
Backbone: Familiarity with IS-IS, BGP, RSVP, OSPF, fiber optic technologies, service provider router architecture, and internet routing architectures. Previous experience in capacity planning and JunOS a plus.
Peering and Transit: Heavy experience with BGP and related traffic engineering knob. Fiber optic technologies, service provider router architecture and internet routing architectures are also beneficial. Previous experience in capacity planning and JunOS a plus. Experience in a network engineering or provisioning capacity from a service provider is a huge plus.
Most of all, these positions requires the proper attitude: one that is customer-focus, safety driven, conservative and professional. A track record of ensuring a good experience for our customers far exceeds all technical performance measurements.

What are the soft skills or leadership principles that you believe candidates must possess to be successful in this position?

See the last paragraph above. Additionally, our leadership principals can be found here. We live and breathe them, a candidate who is not in agreement with our leadership principals will not be successful at Amazon.

Do you have any particular companies or industries that you would like the candidate to have previous experience in?
Service provider will be the most common. Cloud computing if you can find it. In general, someone working close to the scale of Amazon Web Services helps.

How do you want to conduct interviews? (Phone, face to face, panel)
A phone screen will be first, suitable candidates will be brought in for a safe to face or skype.

Skills Skills
Skills:Category Name Required Importance Level Last Used Experience
No items to display.

Additional Skills:

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