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What does a Software Applications Architect do?

The process of defining a structured solution to meet all technical and operational requirements is known as Software Application Architecture. This role necessitates the Architect to take a number of decisions that will impact the performance, the quality and the maintainability of the application. What a Software Architect typically does is he optimizes the common quality attributes such as security, performance and manageability and designs a structure that will meet all the requirements.

An architect will design the solution, develop the matrix and implement the solution onto the computer system. They are key personnel who are responsible for the entire developmental process right from when it was conceptualized to when it is completed. They write the architecture for how the application needs to developed and implemented and therefore oversee and work hand in hand with the entire technical team who is involved in the project.

A software applications architect would need to comprehend the requirements of the user and accordingly design a workable solution that fits into the requirements of the system. This solution will need to be then translated to the programmers so that can develop a code to implement. Once this solution is on board, the architect is solely responsible for the predicted outcome of the implemented solution, where care has to be taken if the final solution meets the company standards and addresses the purpose it was designed for. Software Applications Architect jobs are sought after by most fortune 500 companies.

What are the technical skillsets & qualifications you require to work in this vertical?

A technical Architect should be well-versed with Java, Flash & C+ in order to develop a good design. However more than the technical skill sets, an Architect should possess soft skills such as excellent analytic and logical skills. Also they should be able to have excellent comprehension skills to be able to comprehend the problem and communicate in simple terms the desired solution. This also indicates that an architect should be adept in problem-solving & decision making. Primarily an Architect has to be a leader and have a very good understanding of the business.

What are the certifications required to become a Software Applications Architect?

Most employers look for candidates who possess a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering. Courses which offer computer science theory & development, which covers data structures, quality testing, programming languages, algorithms & software engineering & architecture is what is required.

What are the Job opportunities for a Software Application Architects?

Based on the skill sets, the competencies and the responsibilities involved a Software Application Architect can choose to become a Software Engineer, Computer Programmer or an IT Analyst. The scope also lies in the field of gaming where he can become a video-game developer, Computer Programmer etc.

What is the scope for Software Application Architects?

The expansion of computer networking services has resulted in a rise in demand for software developers. The nature of applications is constantly progressing which has caused an increase in employment. It is predicted that there will be approximately 200,000 jobs available for Software Engineers, which indicates that the scope for pursuing and advancing in this career is humungous.

The average salary of an Application Software Developer is around $95,000, while a Systems Software Developer earns around $100,000 per annum, as reported by BLS in May.

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