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What is software testing?

Software that is developed has to be tested before it is introduced to the market. The process of investigating the software product to evaluate the quality of the product is known as Software Testing. This process is a mandatory step in the evaluation of a software product and is forms an integral part of the entire software development process.

The process of software testing involves the validation of whether the expected output occurs in relation to the given input. For example, if a certain software product has been defined to produce an output based on the given input, testing it will open up the behavior of the product and define the differences (if any) from the desired output. This assessment will help gauge the features of the product and its quality.

Software testing is also a verification process to certify the behavior of the product and assess its capabilities. It not only identifies the attributes of the product but helps in identifying the risks of implementing the software product. Software testing provides an objective view of the performance of the product and helps in developing a quality product.

Software testing is usually carried out during the development process in order to constantly improve the capabilities of the product. Software testing jobs is the most sought after job in 2015.

What are the technical skillsets & qualifications you require to work in this vertical?

A Software Testing Engineer ideally should have a keen eye for detail and an analytical bent of mind. He / She should be technically sound in the various modules of software testing such as ‘Concepts of Software Testing’, ‘Types of Testing’, ‘Test Plans’ & ‘Testing Tools’.

In addition, the Testing Engineer should be aware of a ‘Product Life Cycle’, to be able to analyze the product effectively. It goes without saying that in order to draw a good analysis, excellent documentation & effective communication skills are required. A testing engineer should have the ability to translate the behavior of the product in simple terms and hence communication is key, in this aspect.

It would benefit a testing engineer to be aware of programming languages as well.

What are the certifications required to become a Software Testing Engineer?

A bachelor’s degree in electronics, technology or computer science is what a Software Testing Engineer would require to begin his career. However since this is also considered as an entry-level job, some companies are open to hiring Engineers who have a diploma or a certification in Testing. Institutes that offer certifications in Software Testing are the ‘The International Institute for Software Testing (IIST)” and ‘The American Society for Quality’.

A good way to begin a career would be to pursue an internship in a software company while completing your degree. This will help in gaining some hands-on experience before pursuing a full time career.

What are the career opportunities for a Software Testing Technician?

The career opportunities for a Software Testing Engineer are many, but ideally one pursues the career of a Computer Programmer.

In relation to Computer Programming, he/she would be required to skim through the code of the software program to identify bugs and spot errors.

The demand for Computer Programmers is on the rise, where it is predicted to be at least an 8% increase in job opportunities from 2012 till 2022, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary that a Programmer earns is approximately USD 75,000.

What is the scope for software testing technicians?

There is 22% job growth in the field of software testing and it is only going to grow. Software Testing is a key area in the Software Product Life-Cycle and hence provides a huge scope for Software Testing Engineers to pursue to their career. The average salary of a Software Testing Engineer is approximately USD 90,000, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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