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We’re in the middle of a media revolution that has created an unprecedented number of visual designer jobs. To find the best jobs in visual design, you’re going to need some extra help. That’s where we come in. We can help you find jobs that set visual design careers on the right path.

What is Visual Design?

Visual designing is communication via a visual aid. It can be expressed as the transfer of information and ideas in forms that can be read or seen. It comprises various elements that combine to form a visual piece suitable for advertising through print or digital media.

These elements include signs, drawing, graphic design, typography, illustrations, color patterns, etc. Visual designing operates in the belief that a visual message accompanying a text has a very high potential to educate, inform, or persuade the audience.

Visual communication in part or whole depends on vision. It focuses on the aesthetic value of a website. Hence, it strategically plays with the looks via the help of fonts, colors, images, etc. Visual designing is basically used to enhance the website’s interface and a user’s overall experience. The scope for visual designer jobs have greatly risen in demand during 2015.

What type of certifications do you need to be a visual designer?

Potential visual designers can opt for a degree in graphic designing or art. They can also undertake certified courses on communication design or interaction design. Academy of Art University, Pratt Institute, and Kansas City Art Institute offer state-of-the-art certificate courses in visual and interaction design for those looking to enhance their skills. Online courses offered by companies like Tuts+, Coursera, and Udemy are also quite popular options to attain a basic knowledge on the subject.

What is the scope for visual designers?

With everyone going gaga over advertising and marketing, it’s a very opportune time for visual designers, because each and every product or service requires advertising. And where there is advertising, there is visual designing. Therefore, there is a huge demand for skilled and experienced designers, as the better the design is, the better the product is advertised and perceived.

What are the technical skill sets & qualifications required to work in this vertical?

Advertising is a very competitive market and visual designing is an integral part of it. Therefore, the candidate must have very strong creative background with a sound knowledge of typography, photography, and other elements related to communication design. A potential visual designer is also expected to have a good command in written and oral communication.

If you are looking for mid or senior level job opportunities in this field, then having an impressive portfolio showcasing your previous work will work wonders. Therefore, it is advised to opt for various internships and freelance projects to gain idea and insight of working in the field. Having worked on various projects will showcase your potential and skill as a visual designer.

Candidates will require extensive knowledge of software that helps in creating digital art and content. Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, QuarkXpress, and Font Book are a few examples of such software. Awareness of strengths and weaknesses of each software will make your work even more productive and efficient.

What are the career opportunities for a visual designer?

Salary and hiring vary significantly according to the skill set and industry. But according to the recent trends, there is a huge demand for interaction designing skills. Additionally, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual wage for a visual designer is $49,377. With the impressive attention towards advertising and marketing, visual interaction and communication designing remain at the forefront. Therefore, there continues to be ample opportunities for visual designing skills.

Additionally, with the huge number of traditional businesses opting for digital and social-media advertising along with print media, visual designing has witnessed a serious growth in recent years.
Companies, start-ups or MNCs, are vigorously looking for skilled visual designers with considerable knowledge of consumer interaction and some basics of marketing. Skills like ability to conceptualize, design, and work in a team environment are highly sought after.

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Java Developer

Job Reference: 16-11150 Type: Contract

Design and code from specifications, analyzes, evaluates, tests, debugs, documents, and implements complex software apps
- Uses coding methods in specific programming languages to initiate or enhance program execution and functionality
- Participate in the evaluation, recommendation, and selection of hardware and software solutions
- Perform project management of estimating, scheduling, and monitoring tasks
- Performs expert-level engineering tasks associated with the analysis, design, and development of computer hardware, firmware, embedded systems, and/or operating systems
- Develop, maintain, and report intranet metrics
- Interface with different departments within the organization regarding new deployments
- Manage, administer, and maintain all internet and intranet sites
- Research/analyze data processing functions, methods and procedures
- Monitor program execution for expected performance

Requires a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or relevant discipline and at least 5 years of experience in the field:
- 5+ years of hands-on development experience using JEE technologies (Servlet, JSP, JDBC, JMS, Web Services etc.)
- Solid concept of Java, OOP, design patterns etc.
- Strong experience in using application frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate, iBatis, JUnit, JQuery etc.
- Good understanding of network protocols and web technologies such as TCP/IP, HTTP, JavaScript, AJAX etc.
- Thorough knowledge of XML, JSON and other data transport protocols
- Good grasp of industry best practices in enterprise-class software development
- Experience in front-end and JavaScript development tools like HTML5, CSS, Node JS, Angular JS, Backbone JS, JQuery Mobile etc.

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Operations Specialists

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Visual Designer, Digital

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Senior Brand Designer

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Android Developer

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SR .NET developer

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Web Developer/Designer - Mid Level

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