Aditi Consulting is excited to announce the new hire of Toby Rawlinson as Vice President of Consulting Services. At a time where Aditi is experiencing great momentum & growth in consulting services, Toby will be playing a key role to accelerate our growth and success. Aditi’s team of Enterprise Solution Architects, Head of Engineering and Toby will work together to support our client’s ongoing consulting needs around accelerating and scaling complex engineering projects and solutions. Prior to joining Aditi Consulting, Toby has held positions with Akvelon Inc. as Director of Growth & Strategic Accounts, Head of Consulting & Business Development for ProZone Sports (UK) in the sports analytics and emerging tech space, as well as lecturing and coaching in the United Kingdom and the U.S. Most recently, Toby was a key member in securing sustained growth and client acquisition, supporting clients project-based consulting success serving clients such as Microsoft, Seattle Seahawks, Goldman Sachs, HPE, Reddit, Doordash, Maana and more.
“Today, Aditi offers its clients consulting services including Cloud, Data Engineering, App Development, and Test Automation. With Toby’s experience and expertise, we will be able to drive real value to our clients seeking technology solutions. We are really excited and looking forward to having him.” – Raja Narayana, CEO, Aditi Consulting.

About Aditi Consulting
Talent is at the heart of everything Aditi does and delivers. Aditi is a technology solutions company known for leveraging people’s talents to turn your ideas into plans and plans into actions. From a world-class product company, to successfully spinning off a services business, and now to talent & technology consulting, Aditi has come a full circle doing what it does best: accelerating business innovation through the right talent.
Our services provide talent on demand, managed teams, project-based engagement, and full outsourcing. We give you the flexibility to choose the partnership model that works best for your organization and will drive greater value.