Excel. Engage. Ethical.

Delivering value through people driven culture

Who we are

Talent is at the heart of everything we do and deliver. We are a premier technology solutions firm
known for leveraging people talent to turn your ideas into plans, and plans into actions.

From a world-class product company, to successfully spinning off a services business,
and now to talent & technology consulting, Aditi has come a full circle doing what it does best:
Accelerating business innovation through right talent!

Our services provide talent on demand, managed teams, project based engagement and full outsourcing.
We give you the flexibility to choose the partnership model that works best for your organization
and eventually drives greater value.

The Aditi Story

  • 1994 Our founding

    The story of Aditi began in 1994 when Pradeep Singh founded Aditi Technologies after serving nine years in various management positions at Microsoft.

    As an IT company, Aditi started with Microsoft support services worldwide and figured out that there lies a great challenge and passion in building an end to end product.

  • 1999 Talisma - our product heritage

    It was during the turn of the century in 1999 that Aditi truly nailed the IP with its signature CRM product Talisma. The highly acclaimed product founded during the dotcom boom days was soon acquired by Campus Management in 2008.

  • 2007 Our Services story

    Gaining deep product knowledge from the Talisma journey, we tread on a path of being a service company. With Aditi Technologies we offered top-notch technology services and solutions to help enterprises navigate the digital technology revolution.

    During its growth period of servicing Microsoft products, Aditi saw successive mergers and acquisitions. In 2014, Aditi Technologies was acquired by STC (Symphony Teleca Corporation) and the very next year STC was acquired by Harman International Industries Incorporated in 2015. The following year, Harman was acquired by Samsung to accelerate business growth through connected services.

  • 2016 Our Consulting story

    While we were unravelling product and services challenges we realized it all starts and ends with talent. Whether it’s a product or a service, everything is about finding, retaining and enhancing great talent.

    This led Aditi thinking in terms of building a powerhouse of talent. And, soon, Aditi expanded from services business to staffing solutions. With our efforts in full swing, the year 2016 marked the launch of Aditi Staffing and Aditi consulting as two different brands.

    Today, combining the experience of talent and technology along the entire journey of growth and success, Aditi has come a full circle in transforming communities with meaningful innovation.


We aspire to transform lives
by setting the career stage for people
to express their skills and talent in technology that
can impact communities for good.

Celebrating Diversity

Our culture is rooted in driving Careers, Communities and Causes!

We are a global organization recognized for our diversity friendly values. The practice of incorporating experiences and perspectives of people from across the world makes Aditi your unique choice. Our core is in understanding the synergy of technology and creative talent to bring your ideas to life.


We help accelerate business innovation
by providing the best talent and technology solutions.

We Live our Values

Socially conscious. People & performance driven. Intense. Creative. Ethical. (SPICE)

Life at Aditi is spiced with Social stewardship, People & performance, Intensity,
Creativity and Ethics.
Our values truly navigate us both as individuals and as an organization. We love to work together, discover ideas, innovate and help communities flourish.