Meeting the needs of the Digital Economy

According to Deloitte, organizations’ ability to ‘Digitally Transform’ their business & propel key technology & project initiatives, regardless of industry, is essential for creating competitive advantage within their market segments. As the ‘War for Talent’ continues to heat up, when polled, CEOs acknowledge that their major growth limiting factor to achieve this is ‘workforce management.’ Smart companies & leaders will re-think their approach to an already depleted talent pool in the US and look at solving the challenge from a different perspective. This is where Aditi Consulting’s idea to have a new Technology & Engineering delivery center in Hungary(Eastern Europe) evolved from. There were 1.3 million software jobs open last year, according to Trilogy Education Services. calculates 512,720 open computing jobs, and with well over one million computer programming job openings expected by 2020, a shortage of engineers to fill them, it’s time to consider alternative options. About 58% of all STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) jobs are in computing but only 8% of STEM graduates have a degree in Computer Science. Currently, the US primary and secondary education systems have not upgraded the programs to include the technical skills needed to meet this demand. Outside of traditional ways to address the talent shortage (organizing their own training programs, leveraging on low-code or no-code platforms and others), Aditi believes it will take a shift in how we look at solving the ‘Talent Shortage’ challenge for our clients. One way to approach this is to access a completely new, untapped and highly skilled talent pool, which is why Aditi has expanded its delivery capability and opened a new Technology & Engineering delivery center in Hungary (a central location to all of EE).Eastern Europe offers one of the largest growing talent pools when it comes to Engineers and IT specialists, and the region is home to the research and development centers of international tech companies like Dell, Microsoft, Boeing, and hundreds more. With 60% of companies that outsource business services doing so in Europe (World Economic Forum), Eastern Europe has many benefits to outsource software engineering delivery including a highly skilled STEM based talent pool, a Growing labor market, English proficiency, Cultural similarities & fit, Access to innovation, Nearshore proximity and Cost to quality return (Total Cost of Engagement).Aditi Consulting clients are looking forward to engaging with our local Hungary office and utilizing Aditi’s quality engineering talent to accelerate their key technology initiatives by outsourcing high-level work without ever sacrificing quality.
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