Reminder – February 29 2020 Leap Year with 366 days. Have you checked your code?

February 29, also known as the leap day or year, is coming up at the end of February. The next February 29 will be 2024 (years that are evenly divisible by 100, with some catches.

This is how you calculate:
· Year is evenly divisible by 4 are leap year (2020/4=505 2024/4=506)
· Not leap year if divisible by 100 (2020/100=20.2, 2100/100=21), so 2020 is and 2100 is not
· Also years that are evenly divisible by 400 are leap year (2000/400=5, 2400/400=6)

Here is a good article to review from Microsoft on what they are doing and also some good tips for developers in reviewing your code.