The demand for app developers for the Android platform has created Android development jobs. Starting successful Android development careers requires you to possess the right skill sets and knowledge. We can help by providing you with the best jobs in Android development, so you can further your understanding of the field.

Android Developer

Job Reference: 20-06660 Type: Job Description: Tell us about your department:
We are located in Seattle and focus on the technology required to locate app users while they are in store. The team is currently 3 server engineers, 1 mobile engineer, 2 qa engineers and 1 product manager.

Project Description:
The project uses Bluetooth, wifi, and GPS technologies to identify user location in store and deliver app and advertising functionality.

Position Summary/Job Description:
We are looking for a mobile engineer who can help us improve our SDK and our Bluetooth management apps. We are looking for someone to work closely with other members of our agile team to make these improvements. A successful candidate will have strong iOS and good Android development skills. Experience with Bluetooth technology integration is a big plus. Opportunities exist to contribute to the main *** app as well.

What are the top five skills and number of years of experience required to perform this job?
Native iOS development 1+ years
Native Android development 3+ years
Agile development 3+ years
Strong communication

What are some preferred/nice to have skills the manager is looking for?
Bluetooth experience
Geofencing experience
Native iOS development experience
ReactNative experience

Interview Process Overview:
1-hour phone screen
3-hour on-site loop
Additional Job Requirements: Hiring manager: ***


Program Manager

Job Reference: 20-06540 Type: Job description

Are you passionate about enabling and delighting customers with disruptive IoT technologies? Do have the grit it takes to roll up your sleeves and define, develop and deploy meaningful Consumer IoT products in the Marketplace?

The *** Product Team is looking for a highly skilled Senior Technical Program Manager that will be explicitly dedicated to growing ***s IoT and Emerging Product Portfolio; this individual will take explicit ownership of the end to end Software Development Lifecycle, build a path to support existing and future Product and Commercial objectives and ultimately enable *** customers to successfully adopt new *** technologies.

Role Title: Senior Technical Program Manager, Confidential Project

The ideal candidate will be very comfortable in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, and will bring existing knowledge of releases across Consumer Apps / HW, Enterprise Software, and Product Performance Analytics.

Key Responsibilities:

Understand the capabilities and value propositions of the current product and roadmap and the resulting *** technical solution opportunities, and challenges.
Manage the program software life-cycle for the Mobile Apps, and supporting platform, of an under development IoT product, including release management, day to day operations, and triage of issues. 1 to 1 Partnership with the Product Manager. Responsible for delivery, schedule, etc.
Dive into the data to understand shortcomings of the product, track down the issues, and drive resolution across multiple teams.


Required Qualifications:

10+ years of Program or Project Management experience.
5+ years working in a technical capacity, preferably related to mobile apps, cloud computing, and IoT.
Demonstrated ability to learn fast in a dynamic environment.
Strong analytical skills, a passion for analytics technology, and creativity in defining how new technologies can help customers reduce costs, improve profitability, gain efficiency and gain a competitive advantage
Ability to communicate with customers and partners effectively and professionally
Strong communication, data synthesis, presentation, and leadership skills
Comfort interacting with senior business executives
Adaptable work-style - functioning well both as a member of the team and as a self-directed, independent worker
Ability to work effectively in a start-up environment and excel at managing complex cross-organizations projects where success is predicated on influencing team members without having direct authority over them
Strong understanding of program management skills as a discipline
Business consulting experience is highly desired
Experience in one or more Consumer or Enterprise Product segments (Android / iOS Apps, Enterprise Software or IoT Solutions) is mandatory

Intake Information:
Target hire date for this role - There are 3 requested. 1 is ASAP, the other two we have more time. Theres a chance we dont end up hiring the other 2 but it will be very urgent if we do hence opening them now.
No additional expenses will be approved
Must have experience in cross-team enterprise delivery / release management. Must have extreme attention to detail, ability to rally other teams through influence, and be able to communicate with non-technical stakeholders.

Supplier will need to provide laptop. It will be some sort of PC (not mac)

The role is remote until *** offices open back up (we dont know when this is yet, at earliest January 2021), then being in the office may be required.


Device regression test engineer

Job Reference: 20-06480 Type:
 Engineer 1 Legacy Device Regression (LDR)
•             5+ YOE, of which 3 YOE in device testing environment
•             [Required] Experienced in performing regression, functional, automation and UAT testing in a major OEM or Tier 1 US wireless carrier's test organization.
•             [Required] Experienced in addressing issues and testing device fixes provided by OEM or internal teams, with a focus in UI/UX, IMS stack, OS, and modem level technical issues.
•             [Required] Experience in using tools like IRIS, Splunk, TrueCall, T-Insights, Netscout, QXDM or other device logging software.
•             [Required] Knowledge of android and iOS structure/UI.
•             [Required] Great coordination skills with stakeholders on all aspects of defect closure.
•             [Preferred] Experience is use of Perfecto cloud-based testing platform.
•             [Preferred] Experience in QC defect logging.
•             [Preferred] Automate and streamline existing processes, procedures, and toolsets.


Android Engineer

Job Reference: 20-05848 Type:
  • Passion to help a sales team win deals with technical acumen and sales EQ for a rapidly expanding company
  • Associates degree in IT services and/or Cloud computing, or equivalent industry experience
  • Deep experience working with Android devices (MDM, development, testing, using)
  • Understanding of Android debugging concepts (ADB, Logcat, ) and familiar with Android Studio and Java
  • Functional in Python
  • Familiar with AWS
  • Excellent customer service, analytical, collaboration, and problem-solving skills
    Bonus Points
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science/Engineering.
  • Android app development using both Kotlin and Java
  • Experienced with AWS
  • Familiarity with front-end languages such as JavaScript
  • Knowledge of the AOSP open-source Android ecosystem
  • Understanding of Android for Enterprise and experience with using an MDM on Android devices
  • Experienced in CI/CD and DevOps


Full Stack Developer

Job Reference: 20-05462 Type: Job Description: Tell us about your department:
STDC Mobile Platform Team

Project Description:
Develop and maintain cross platform features based on react native and node.js for Mobile apps which includes:
Building reusable view components.
Improving CI/CD process for component/bundle and react native app deployment.
Working with multiple engineering teams to solve complex problems i.e. multi-screen navigation in a cross-platform app.

Position Summary/Job Description:
*** is seeking innovative and technically curious technologists to join us as we make a huge impact in the e-commerce space. A career with offers the opportunity to apply your talents and creative energy to deliver high performing solutions at one of the TOP 10 e-commerce sites in North America. *** is the largest multi-channel consumer electronics retailer in the world and technology is at the heart of our organization.

You will be part of the *** engineering team responsible for designing and implementing technical solutions that will reach massive scale.
Contribute to the architecture and development of the digital platform and tools to support key e-commerce and cloud technology initiatives.
You will build and enhance core tools that are needed to support development, testing and integrations leading to Continuous Delivery.
Use your creative and innovation-driven mindset to articulate engineering design strategies related to scale, performance, security, and usability.
Use modern development tools and technologies: React.JS, React Native, Android and IOS native app development.

How much time will the resource spend pair programming?
Not much

Skills Overview:
What are the top five skills and number of years of experience required to perform this job?
1. 5+ years of experience with a Java script based framework.
2. Hands on experience on React Native development
3. Good understanding of node.js based bundling process i.e. web pack usage
4. Agile development practical experience
5. Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills
Additional Job Requirements: What are some preferred/nice to have skills the manager is looking for?
Native app development experience IOS or Android
Good Problem-solving skills
Strong product focus; we expect everyone to do what is needed to deliver the best product for our customers
Excellent communication skills, both inside and outside the engineering team
Someone who likes to create new things, both inside and outside the work environment

Will there be a Hacker Rank test Required for this REQ?

Interview Process Overview:
60 mins Phone screen + hacker rank
Followed by a face to face interview with ~4 team members (approx. 4hrs).


Android Lab Engineer

Job Reference: 20-04748 Type: Title Android Lab Engineer
Duration 6 months (Possible conversion)
Location Bellevue, WA

  • Passion for cool devices
  • Associates degree in IT services and/or Cloud computing
  • Deep experience with Android devices (MDM, development, testing, using)
  • Basic understanding of Android debugging concepts (ADB, Logcat, ) and familiar with Android Studio
  • Script development experience (preferably Python)
  • DevOps experience using automation
  • Excellent customer service, analytical, collaboration, and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality across a diverse set of customers, demonstrate persistence, and customer understanding

Required Skills
  • Experience around android devices.
  • Python scripting
  • Self-Motivated
  • Someone who can talk to customers (for devices) fluently.
  • Experience with Rest API
  • Any cloud experiences.
  • Nice to have experience with android development.
They want someone who is comfortable with hardware
Bonus Points
  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science/Engineering.
  • Strongknowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android, and how to deal with different screen sizes
  • Knowledge of the AOSP open-source Android ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks, including the ability to build and flash your own AOSP image
  • Understanding of Android for Enterprise and experience provisioning Android devices for MDMs
  • Experience working with or managing a Test Lab
  • Quality Assurance automation experience



What is the Android Operation System?

A smart digital device requires an operating system to function. What an operating system does is that, it manages the software resources and the computer hardware of the machine. In other terms all functions of the device are managed & run by the operation system. The Android operating system is Linux based and was developed by Google. Even though this operating system is primarily developed for Smart Phones with touchscreen capabilities, it is now available for tablet computers, televisions, cars & wrist watches. It is based on the touch concept where an action such as tapping, swiping, pinching & reverse pinching dictate on-screen objects. Even though it was initially designed to serve devices which were touch screen enabled, it is now moving into the gaming sphere, where gaming consoles will be supported by Android. Very soon digital cameras and regular computers and many such electronics will be supported by Android. This skill-set most important to many companies and thats the reason android development jobs are available in plenty across the IT vertical.

What is Android Development?

The process by which new applications are created for the Android operating system is known as Android Software development.

Android is developed using Java; hence most of the applications that are developed for this operating system have to be written in Java.

What are the technical skillsets & qualifications you require to work in this vertical?

Android is developed is using Java, hence a certification in Java would be necessary to pursue a career in Android Software development.

There are plenty of resources on the web, where one can obtain a certification on Java. It would deem best to opt for courses offered by Oracle, where they offer many courses related to your level of knowledge. If you are just getting started on Java, then sign up for the Basic course which introduces to the basics of Java technology and how to go about installing Java development software. In addition the course also focuses on how to use this software to create a simple program.

It would also be good to understand the essential concepts and features of the Java Programming Language, by signing up for the course: ‘Learning the Java Language’.

The Essential Java Classes touches upon regular expression, the input and output, concurrency & the platform environment.

Skimming through tutorials such as Tutorials Point – Java Tutorial & Introduction to Programming Using Java will offer you an insight into Java programming.

Java is the stepping stone for creating Android apps and once the foundation in the language is established, it will be essential to learn how to use Java to create Android Apps. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is just what you need. It provides you with the necessary tools and the API libraries to create an Android app. The Android Developer Tools (ADT) bundle includes the SDK, a version of the Eclipse IDE with the ADT plugins, and the Android Platform-tools with the Android emulator is offered by Google.

Apart from learning Java it is imperative to understand for the Android UI is constructed using XML. The Tutorials offered by Google on getting started on android app development will come handy.

What are the certifications required to become an Android Developer?

Most people who are interested in a mobile app development career opt for a bachelor’s degree program in computer science or software development or a specialized associate’s or bachelor’s degree in mobile application development.

A basic degree in computer science or software development is what is necessary to become a software engineer.

In order to become a Certified Android Application Developer you would need to crack the AND-401 exam. The questions in this exam are targeted to gauge your knowledge and experience on Android App development. This certification will help you obtain a job in a similar role.

What are the career opportunities for an Android Developer?

The career path that one chooses within this space to get a Android Development Job is purely based on interest. Typically an Android App developer who is imaginative an artistic can make or break an app with groundbreaking UI designs and hence should take on the role of an Android app UI designer.

If metrics and communications are your strengths then you can take on a role of an Android User Experience & Usability Expert.

Alternatively if you have superior programming skills then you can choose to become an Android Applications Developer.

From thereon you can improve your design and programming skills to become a Mobility Architect.