The demand for app developers for the Android platform has created Android development jobs. Starting successful Android development careers requires you to possess the right skill sets and knowledge. We can help by providing you with the best jobs in Android development, so you can further your understanding of the field.

Lead React Native Developer

Job Reference: 19-00442 Type: Contract


IT Support Analyst

Job Reference: 18-11012 Type: Contract


Techforce Staff Analyst-CIO Org

Job Reference: 18-11001 Type:


Production Designer/ Artist

Job Reference: 18-10958 Type:


SQA Automation Engineer

Job Reference: 18-10869 Type:


Engineer II Mobile iOS QA

Job Reference: 18-10447 Type:


UI Developer - Raja Samala backfill

Job Reference: 18-09191 Type:


Sr Software Dev Engineer

Job Reference: 18-08772 Type:


Engineer II Mobile Android Developer

Job Reference: 18-08563 Type:


Engineer II Mobile Android Developer

Job Reference: 18-08346 Type:


Sr Software Dev Engineer, Test (SDET) Mobile & Smart TV Apps

Job Reference: 18-07852 Type:


Assoc Software Apps Engineer

Job Reference: 18-07733 Type:


Front End Developer III

Job Reference: 18-07426 Type:


Principal Software Engineer – Performance

Job Reference: 18-06471 Type:


Principal Software Engineer - Memory

Job Reference: 18-06191 Type:


Senior Software Triage Engineer - Contractor

Job Reference: 18-06150 Type:


Senior Audio Test Engineer

Job Reference: 18-06031 Type:


Build Release Engineer

Job Reference: 18-05999 Type:


Senior Software Triage Engineer

Job Reference: 18-05913 Type:


Sr. Software Engineer

Job Reference: 18-05837 Type:


Xamarin/.NET Developer

Job Reference: 18-05455 Type:


UX Designer

Job Reference: 18-05412 Type:


Automation Engineer

Job Reference: 18-05214 Type:


Marketing Automation Specialist

Job Reference: 18-04483 Type:


Purchasing Specialist

Job Reference: 18-04075 Type:


Partner & Publisher Mgmt Specialist

Job Reference: 18-04026 Type:


Accounts Payable Analyst

Job Reference: 18-03879 Type:


Software Development Engineer

Job Reference: 18-03764 Type:


UI Developer

Job Reference: 18-02390 Type:


Sr. Product Manager, Digital Services

Job Reference: 18-01606 Type:


Release engineer

Job Reference: 18-01470 Type:


IT Product Team Generalist

Job Reference: 18-01426 Type:


QA Analyst

Job Reference: 18-01368 Type:


On Demand Software Architect

Job Reference: 18-00774 Type:


Sr. Automation Engineer

Job Reference: 18-00211 Type:


iOS Engineer

Job Reference: 18-00070 Type:


Full Stack Developer

Job Reference: 18-00067 Type:


IOS Developer

Job Reference: 18-00024 Type:



What is the Android Operation System?

A smart digital device requires an operating system to function. What an operating system does is that, it manages the software resources and the computer hardware of the machine. In other terms all functions of the device are managed & run by the operation system. The Android operating system is Linux based and was developed by Google. Even though this operating system is primarily developed for Smart Phones with touchscreen capabilities, it is now available for tablet computers, televisions, cars & wrist watches. It is based on the touch concept where an action such as tapping, swiping, pinching & reverse pinching dictate on-screen objects. Even though it was initially designed to serve devices which were touch screen enabled, it is now moving into the gaming sphere, where gaming consoles will be supported by Android. Very soon digital cameras and regular computers and many such electronics will be supported by Android. This skill-set most important to many companies and thats the reason android development jobs are available in plenty across the IT vertical.

What is Android Development?

The process by which new applications are created for the Android operating system is known as Android Software development.

Android is developed using Java; hence most of the applications that are developed for this operating system have to be written in Java.

What are the technical skillsets & qualifications you require to work in this vertical?

Android is developed is using Java, hence a certification in Java would be necessary to pursue a career in Android Software development.

There are plenty of resources on the web, where one can obtain a certification on Java. It would deem best to opt for courses offered by Oracle, where they offer many courses related to your level of knowledge. If you are just getting started on Java, then sign up for the Basic course which introduces to the basics of Java technology and how to go about installing Java development software. In addition the course also focuses on how to use this software to create a simple program.

It would also be good to understand the essential concepts and features of the Java Programming Language, by signing up for the course: ‘Learning the Java Language’.

The Essential Java Classes touches upon regular expression, the input and output, concurrency & the platform environment.

Skimming through tutorials such as Tutorials Point – Java Tutorial & Introduction to Programming Using Java will offer you an insight into Java programming.

Java is the stepping stone for creating Android apps and once the foundation in the language is established, it will be essential to learn how to use Java to create Android Apps. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is just what you need. It provides you with the necessary tools and the API libraries to create an Android app. The Android Developer Tools (ADT) bundle includes the SDK, a version of the Eclipse IDE with the ADT plugins, and the Android Platform-tools with the Android emulator is offered by Google.

Apart from learning Java it is imperative to understand for the Android UI is constructed using XML. The Tutorials offered by Google on getting started on android app development will come handy.

What are the certifications required to become an Android Developer?

Most people who are interested in a mobile app development career opt for a bachelor’s degree program in computer science or software development or a specialized associate’s or bachelor’s degree in mobile application development.

A basic degree in computer science or software development is what is necessary to become a software engineer.

In order to become a Certified Android Application Developer you would need to crack the AND-401 exam. The questions in this exam are targeted to gauge your knowledge and experience on Android App development. This certification will help you obtain a job in a similar role.

What are the career opportunities for an Android Developer?

The career path that one chooses within this space to get a Android Development Job is purely based on interest. Typically an Android App developer who is imaginative an artistic can make or break an app with groundbreaking UI designs and hence should take on the role of an Android app UI designer.

If metrics and communications are your strengths then you can take on a role of an Android User Experience & Usability Expert.

Alternatively if you have superior programming skills then you can choose to become an Android Applications Developer.

From thereon you can improve your design and programming skills to become a Mobility Architect.