Online businesses are paying more attention to their content marketing strategy. So if you’re looking for content writing jobs, this is a great time. You can contact us to find the best jobs in content writing available right now. Build profitable content marketing careers, one easy step at a time.

Director Employee Communications, Technology and Risk

Job Reference: 19-12447 Type: Hour


Technical Writer

Job Reference: 19-12440 Type: Hour


Project Manager

Job Reference: 19-12406 Type: Hour


Front End Engineer

Job Reference: 19-12382 Type: Hour


Graphic Designer I

Job Reference: 19-12324 Type: Intake Notes: This position is remote. Would like someone based in the West Coast/Pacific Time Zone.. Please send portfolio links in Resume. Looking for a candidate with 3-5 years experience. Graphic Designers with a focus on social media platforms is the ideal candidate experience. Will be working with social media platforms, blogs, independent web panels. Would like someone with experience in animations and photoshop. This position is 40/hr week. However there could be some slower times where less hours are needed. Digital Designer, Social Media Who We Need We re are looking looking for a Digital Designer who lives and breathes social media. They will be the eyes, ears, and voice of our global brand as it resonates through our consolidated social outlets. This role will be focused on creating click-worthy social media content and ads, while also assisting the creative staff on a wide range of projects including building decks and developing brand collateral, The Basics Someone who is passionate about creating new content every single day A self-starter who can manage multiple initiatives and quick turnarounds A creative who has their finger on the pulse of the viral, the gritty, the meme-y, and the personal A disciplined brand designer who understands the parameters and obligations of corporate branding


Salesforce Business Analyst

Job Reference: 19-12297 Type: Hour


Content Manager

Job Reference: 19-12079 Type: Hour


Technical Writer

Job Reference: 19-12076 Type: Hour


Content Strategis

Job Reference: 19-11956 Type: Hour


Mid-level Project Manager

Job Reference: 19-11797 Type: Hour


Growth Analyst

Job Reference: 19-11777 Type: Education: **IMPORTANT DETAILS** Additional Information: **IMPORTANT UPDATE** Hi Team, Please join tomorrow's supplier call. This doesn't occur too often with CZI, so I encourage to come with questions. Date/Time: Friday, November 1, 2019 at 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM Zoom link to join: One tap mobile to join audio only: +16699006833,,657852584# US (San Jose) +16468769923,,657852584# US (New York) Supplier call notes BR: $97.51 PR: $70.15 Notes: Someone whose done Growth, cost marketing in the past. Primary part is having marketing know how & being analytical The resumes she saw so far has lot of PM exp. Even the one which had marketing exp they were not relevant to what she was looking for. They are looking for growth stage marketing & not from big companies like IBM etc. Consumer start up companies, fast growing small companies are the one that needs to be targeted. No super senior candidates. Ideal exp is just 5 to 8yrs She is open to remote as well. SQL & Excel & marketing automation software something like email marketing tool. Job titles to look for would be Growth analyst, Growth analyst, digital advertising, product marketing etc. All the resumes submitted aren t a fit This person will closely work with the product manager & a writer as well High possibility of extension but not conversion. Nothing guaranteed NO DEGREE REQUIRED FOR CZI Interview process: 30 mins phone interview followed by Onsite. Additional Information: Hi Team, We had a phone screen recently and it did not got well due to the candidate not having any familiarity with the Meta project at CZI. Please ensure that your candidate has the following, as well as conducted their own research about the company before the call. "This contractor role is intended to support (and own parts of) strategy, experimentation, and iteration to drive the growth of Meta, a biomedical research discovery tool that provides a faster way to understand, organize, and explore science through personalized feeds. As a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative project, Meta is part of a new kind of philanthropy that s leveraging technology to help solve some of the world s toughest challenges. With a focus on growth marketing and strong overlap with product, this Growth Analyst role will use a data-driven approach to create and optimize unique & creative marketing campaigns, run A/B tests, and drive multi-channel growth initiatives that will result in direct, measurable impact on the growth of Meta."


Subject Matter Expert

Job Reference: 19-11399 Type: Hour


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Pursuing a Career in Content Writing? Here’s What You Need to Know about Content Writing Jobs.

Writing is simply a means of communicating ideas. Since businesses run largely on ideas, this calls for a job designation to communicate a company’s ideas to the rest of the world.

Behold, the humble content writer!
Powerful writing not only communicates ideas effectively, it can also spur people into action. So it’s easy to see why this is a valuable asset for any business.

Content writing jobs involve working with a company to translate its needs into appealing and easily consumable content. There are many types of content writing that come under this umbrella. These include web content writing, technical writing, journalism, business writing, and ghostwriting.

All of these come with their own specific requirements, which we’ll examine below. Content writing as a whole is growing, leading to many opening for content writers. If you’re a good writer with an aptitude for understanding work briefs, you will flourish in this arena.

What Does a Day in the Life of a Content Writer Look Like?

As a content writer, you would be responsible for writing original content that has the desired effect. Since there are so many types of content writing, we’ll break it down and examine the major types individually.

Web content writing is required to be succinct and easily consumable. This requires the writer to digest their research easily and come up with relevant and to-the-point content. Everything you see while on the Internet needs to be written by someone, so it’s pretty sprawling as a field.

Technical writing involves taking complex ideas and simplifying them to enable laymen to understand these ideas. Examples of this include scientific articles, health-related articles, and manuals.

Journalism involves writing fact-filled and informative articles. It calls for sound research, a curious and agile mind, and a keen investigative eye.

Business content writers deal with writing white papers, press releases, reports, and advertising paraphernalia. The challenge here is to engage your audience even when talking about a niche topic.

Ghostwriting isn’t as spooky as it sounds. It simply involves writing under another person’s name. This can entail a variety of things like blog articles, books, and biographies.

The skill sets for each of these types of content writing overlap to some extent. Picking one and becoming proficient at it is the best way to get started.

What Qualifications and Skills Do I Need?

Jobs in content writing call for a degree in either journalism, writing, communication, English, or marketing. Marketing might seem out of place on this list, but makes sense when you consider that you’re going to be writing with the intent of selling an idea or a product.

Most importantly though, you’re going to need a good portfolio of writing samples. Having a good body of work to show would work in your favor even if your formal education is in an unrelated field.

Other skills that you would benefit your career in content writing are, knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and copywriting.

Your career prospects will also be vastly improved by great grammar, research skills, general computer competence, and editing and proofreading skills.

You will also be able to transition to roles with greater responsibility if you have a grasp on project management.

What Will Your Professional Life Look Like?

In the content writing industry, you could choose to join a company and work full time, or you could work as a freelancer. Both of these options are equally feasible, but come with their own challenges.

As a full time employee, you’ll need good interpersonal skills to be able to work with your team, but as a freelancer you’d have more freedom and flexibility.

Potential Scope of a Career in Content Writing

Most companies need great content, and this requirement is only going to grow in the future. This means that there are many openings for content writer jobs. The median salary for content writers, according to is around $40,303. This figure can go up to $65,000 with experience, skill, and bonuses.