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What do graphic designing jobs entail?

Graphic designing is the process of communicating ideas or information visually. It uses elements like typography, illustration, and images to convey the required idea. Graphic designing is a branch of the big tree called communication and interaction design. Increasing one’s skills in graphic designing can land you with graphic designer jobs.

Common uses of graphic designing is seen in creating identity logos, print and online advertising, illustrations, billboards, website graphics, signs, and even apparel.

As it is established that visual learning makes a stronger and greater impact on human minds than other mediums, graphic designing is becoming more and more prominent when it comes to advertising and user interaction. With the aid of graphic designing, a vendor tries to connect and interact better with their operator, making their experience easier and friendlier.

What certifications do you need to be a graphic designer?

As the world of designing is getting quite competitive, it is suggested to opt for a degree in graphic designing or art to get you a decent head start. You can also undertake certified courses on communication design or interaction design from recognized universities. Academy of Art University, California College Of The Arts, and Shillington School offer cutting-edge certification courses in visual and interaction design for those looking for professional aid in the field. Online courses offered by companies like Tuts+, Coursera, and Udemy can also be of great help to gain basic knowledge in the subject.

Apart from certificate courses in graphic designing, you can also consider opting for specialized courses on software that help in developing graphics. Some of the popular ones are Photoshop, Illustrator, Font Book, and QuarkXpress.

What is the scope for graphic designers?

Advertising and marketing have become one of the primary concerns for businesses around the world, as advertising directly affects the sale of a product or service. Hence, the market has witnessed a huge demand for graphic designers in recent years. This is mainly because advertising to a great extent depends on designing. Therefore, the better the skill and experience, the better the pay and profile.

What are the technical skill sets & qualifications required to work in this vertical?

Advertising, though being very competitive, is growing by leaps and bounds. With such a boom in advertising, there has been an exponential growth in demand for graphic designers as well. Therefore, you need a sound knowledge on the subject to thrive, even when the market saturates. The candidate should also have sound knowledge in human interaction, photography, typography, and other elements related to communication design.

If you are looking for mid or senior level job opportunities in this field, then having an impressive portfolio showcasing your creative potential will help you break the ice. Therefore, it is advised to opt for various internships and freelance projects to gain idea and insight of working in the field. Potential graphic designers can also take aid from various online platforms to seek for freelance projects.

Candidates will require knowledge about the basics of human interaction apart from a sound understanding of the software that helps in creating digital art and content. Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, QuarkXpress, InDesign, and Font Book are a few examples of such software. Having extensive knowledge on working with various platforms for various operating systems will also give you an edge over your competitors.

What are the career opportunities for a graphic designer?

Though there is a huge demand for skilled graphic designers, salary and hiring vary significantly according to the skill set and industry. Nevertheless, being a designer pays off quite well. According to’s statistics, the average annual wage for a graphic designer is $49,370. Catching up with the trend of digitization, a huge number of traditional businesses are also opting for digital and social-media advertising along with print media. This is creating even more opportunities for graphic designers, especially newcomers.