Jobs in Washington call for applicants with the right skills and experience. We can help you sort through the multitude of Seattle, Washington job opportunities and find the perfect fit. Using a carefully-crafted process, we match your requirements, skills, and experience to prospective employers in the city of Seattle.


Working and Jobs in Seattle

The Seattle, WA job market is strong compared to the rest of the US. The Seattle area, generates about half the jobs in Washington. The Seattle economy, with its local production of airplanes and software, is more export-driven than most U.S. metro areas. All these factors indicate that Seattle certainly harbors a thriving job environment.

Workers will find a ton of high-tech & design opportunities, which include graphic designers, internet developers & search marketing strategists in Seattle.

Cost of living in Seattle

The cost of living in Seattle is currently 24% higher than the national average. The cost of housing is a major factor in this higher cost of living. At 51% above the national average, expect your housing costs to be higher if you move to Seattle. Unless, of course, you happen to be moving from an even pricier city such as New York or San Francisco. To see how the cost of living in Seattle compares to other areas use PayScale’s Cost of Living Calculator to get a Cost of Living Comparison for Seattle and other U.S. cities.

Salaries in Seattle

Home to companies including Starbucks, Boeing, and Amazon, Seattle is a great place to find a job. Not only are there opportunities for careers in Seattle, many of these careers come with competitive salaries. Comparing median Salaries in Seattle by Job Title shows high annual salaries for many positions in the IT industry. For example, the median salary for senior software engineers is around $98,000. Researching Salaries in Seattle by Employer Type shows that careers in government and health care can also be lucrative. Seattle’s average annual salary is $65823.