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Financial Analyst

Job Reference: 20-07745 Type: Job Description: MAX BILL RATE ***/HR

Years: 4 year min. to 8 years MAX - do not submit candidates over 8 years.

Education: Must have Bachelors degree - highly prefer degree in Finance, Business, Accounting. Recommend Finance degree over accounting.

Must haves:
- Finance/Accounting background
- Contract experience - contract review and admin. and financial risk analysis experience.
- Proficiency in Excel - pivot, vlookup (two main ones , please screen candidates on these). Financial excel skills are must. Excel logic is must.
- Experience in developing financial and operational analysis and presentation to management

Nice to have:
-SAP or other ERP system experience is plus.
- Power point presentation and word.
- Telecom Industry experience

Local/Non-local - strongly prefer local candidate but okay with non-local starting remotely as long they will relocate once offices reopen.

Additional notes - 9-6pm with one hour lunch. OT hours may be needed but with pre-approval.

Senior Financial Analyst

The position will be responsible for the management of marketing and sales expenditure for the Company, reviewing/submitting sales and marketing programs, performing the contract content review, and resolving financial and accounting issues. The incumbent will also be responsible for detailed expenditure tracking, budget/actual analysis, budget aging report and other various in-depth analysis reporting to senior managers and directors of Company. In addition, the incumbent will review, validate and determine reasonableness of marketing and sales expenditure invoices from customer to ensure accurate financials. OT may be required depending on the work volume.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following: Other duties may be assigned. In this position, either directly or through others, the incumbent will:
Reviewing marketing and sales deduction investment activities, lead analysis and reporting for the company, which include review of customer and vendor contracts, and other internal/external reports
Responsible for managerial and internal use reporting on marketing and sales deduction transactions
Review reasonableness of marketing and sales deduction expense forecast and assist with forecasting process
Review and submit sales and marketing programs for Company leadership approval.
Process and validate customer and vendor payments related to sales and marketing programs.
Perform rigorous analysis on historical promotional spend (sales, marketing, merchandizing), pricing, and competitive actions to help inform future activities
Assist with ad hoc strategic projects, including planning, tracking, reporting, and documentation of all aspects of the projects

Background/Experience to qualify for this position, the following minimal background and skill levels are required:
Bachelors degree in Finance, Business, Accounting.
Experience in managing and tracking budget
Experience in developing financial and operational analysis and presentation to management
Experience in managing accounting and financials
Proficient with Excel. SAP or other ERP system experience is plus.

Necessary Skills/Attributes for this position the following skills and abilities must be demonstrated at a proficient level:
The ability to develop and maintain excellent working relationships with all appropriate levels within and outside the company
The ability to plan, organize and prioritize multiple assignments and projects
Demonstrated competency in oral and written modes for communication of marketing related information to both internal and external audiences at all levels
Read and interpret sales and marketing documents, invoices, contracts or related documents
The ability to work either independently or in a team environment to achieve personal and team project goals, including the completion of assignments within established time frames
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Everything You Need To Know About Virtualization Jobs in the U.S

With reports of artificial intelligence making headlines these days, it’s no surprise that virtualization is currently trending in the market. Today, IT has become pervasive, and is involved in all aspects of business computing.

Virtualization is taking the computing world by storm, and its market is expanding exponentially. If you are passionate about computing, programming, and IT infrastructure, you should definitely check out jobs in virtualization.

Here’s what you need to know about ground realities in virtualization.

The Virtualization Job Description, Broken Down

As a virtualization expert, you’d be involved in creating virtual versions of a resource or device that helps divide a computing framework into multiple virtual environments. Server, hardware, storage, memory, data, network, and nested virtualization are some of the areas you’d be working with.

By running the systems and servers virtually, you’ll help businesses function more economically. As a result, you’ll also be involved in converting networks into potential computing platforms, reducing the use of hardware, and keeping a check on energy consumption.

Will Certifications Bring You Closer To Your Dream Job?

Though acquiring computing degrees are a great way to kickstart your career in IT, getting a job in the field of virtualization is a different ballgame. If you want to be taken seriously by potential recruiters, you need to go beyond regular courses.

Leading companies like VMware, Citrix, Red Hat, Oracle, and Microsoft offer certificate courses in virtualization softwares and tools. The courses are varied and teach you the basics of data center virtualization, cloud computing, end user computing, and network virtualization. You can also download the VMware ESX software and learn to use it online.

Take advantage of these courses to add value to your profile.

What Technical Skills Do You Need To Develop?

Companies are going out of their way to hire the right employees to help build a virtual empire for their business.

If you want to be one of the few that make the cut, here’s what will help you.

Experience: This is definitely the most important consideration when it comes to virtualization careers. If you plan on delving into the virtualization world, you need to have prior experience in the field of IT or cloud computing.

Understanding Virtual Infrastructure: Being adept at the basics of IT and being able to construct virtual infrastructure is a must-have. You need to be able to visualize outcomes and create real targets to help you accomplish your goals.

Business Intelligence: You’re expected to forecast the impact of each virtual approach on the network, operating system, or data center. Having a clear understanding of the influence of your virtual machines and their performance is an invaluable skill for careers in virtualization.

What Is The Scope Of A Virtualization Career?

Businesses around the world are adapting their methods to suit the demands of the evolving economy, and virtualization seems to be a trending solution to it.

The demand for virtualization professionals has been growing exponentially for the last couple of years. The power of virtualization is such that it enables companies to take a giant leap from multiple servers to a single one. Only skilled experts with thorough knowledge and understanding of IT can make this happen.

Since the field of virtualization is broad, it covers a spectrum of positions that one can acquire in an IT company. You’ll earn upwards of $62,125 per year as a System Administrator, while as an IT Architect, you’ll earn an average of $119, 076 per year.

The salary you can earn varies according to the area of your interest, your skill, the organisation, and the city you work in.

Finding the right job in the IT sector can be challenging, but it’s always a good idea to opt for cities with more job opportunities and a better pay scale. Virtualization jobs in Washington D.C., New York City, Boston, San Francisco, and Denver offer highest number of job opportunities for aspiring IT professionals.

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