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Job Reference: 20-00223 Type:
Recruiter II
Seattle, WA
6 months

This is for the Science team Team is specialty/central recruiting team for Consumer-supporting 3 distinct verticals Science, Economist and Design functions.

2 Positions -
  • Economist recruiter who has hired for PhD/strong tech sourcer
  • Science recruiter who has hired applied scientist/Client Scientists/researchers/ data scientist/AI
  • Design recruiter

Metrics 2 offer accepts/month.

Must Haves -
  • This team supports Applied Scientist, Research Scientist, Data scientist and Economist hiring for all of Consumer.
  • This role requires a person who is eager to learn new things and can think outside the box, exhibiting ownership.
  • She is okay with 3-5 yrs of experience as well if the person has the potential.
  • Someone who can talk in detail about their past projects and how they have been successful and NOT making thing up or just surface level information. They should be able to dive deep.
  • Needs local folks only who can be in office all 5 days.
  • This sourcer will be interacting with a lot with Client Science community.
  • Person should be very creative and look for different avenues. Like X-ray searches, attend different science community events/networking events. Only LinkedIn recruiter will not help. This is not SDE hiring.
  • Communication and collaboration are must.
  • Wants someone who can do the job, take ownership and not talk about it or someone who needs a lot of hand holding.
  • For all the above reasons, the ideal candidate is someone that can be local, as we are closely knit team and it requires a lot of cross functional collaboration.

  • Deliver results
  • Dive deep



Job Reference: 20-00040 Type:
JD -
This is a Technical sourcing recruiter role. The individual will be focused on owning and independently managing relationship with the client team and sourcing the candidates and taking them through the interview process.
Required skills
The eCF Recruiting team is looking for a strong sourcing recruiter to join its forces. In this role you will search and find the best and brightest people from around North America. You'll be part of a recruiting team that supports parts of the consumer business. You'll focus on finding great candidates thru passive searches, job boards, niche or industry websites, and our in-house resume database. But more than that, you will get an opportunity to use your deep sourcing skills to identify and attract the best technical talent. To be great in this role, you'll need to use your skills to create fantastic job postings, network with passive candidates, work closely with hiring managers and executives you support, and create robust sourcing strategies that will attract the best and the brightest. It's a fast-paced role, on a fun and cohesive team, requiring juggling and daily prioritizing. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, and you're ready to work hard, have fun, and increase your sourcing capabilities in a short amount of time, please apply.

Qualified candidates will be able to demonstrate internet research and hunting skills. The best candidates will have a reputation for being exceptional hunters, organized, possess strong verbal and written communication skills, have an ability to prioritize their time, demonstrate pushback and a sense of urgency, and understand the value of providing amazing customer service.
Preferred skills
Experience using internet sourcing techniques and sites
Bachelor's degree or equivalent post-secondary degree



Job Reference: 20-00038 Type:
services to be performed
Recruiter will source, assess, and manage recruiting activity with business customers.
The primary skill set will be SDE2 and other tech roles including TPM, SDM, Security Engineer, QAE/SDET.
The recruiter should have specific experience sourcing Tech talent in the Seattle market, and/or demonstrated success in identifying talent that will relocate to Seattle.

required skills
3+ years of corporate and or search firm progressive recruiting experience
A completed bachelor's degree or 2+ years of Client experience Experience building and utilizing a variety of sourcing plans and tools, including proactive phone and internet research.
CTS/ATS experience with sourcing, tracking and managing candidates
MS Office - including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
Experience managing and prioritizing multiple searches, projects and client relationships.

preferred skills
Strong client focus and commitment to continuous improvement; ability to proactively network and establish effective working relationships, must pursue conscious cost-containment efforts in recruiting, continually seek new sourcing options, and develop creative approaches to delivering candidates to the customer.
Strong communication skills, organizational and negotiation skills.
Ability to execute recruiting strategy, including employer promotion in the marketplace, candidate management, diversity sourcing, and interview process management.
Self-sufficient and able to work with little direct supervision.
Strong consulting skills and demonstrated ability to work in a team environment, as a team leader and member.
Possess strong analytic skills with ability to create, measure, and scale the right workflow between candidates, hiring managers, and the recruiting team. Leadership experience managing recruiters and coordinators.
Full lifecycle recruiting experience - cradle to grave; from unique candidate sources to offer close
CTS/ATS experience with sourcing, tracking, and managing of candidate flow
Create and maintain strategic recruiting plans with clearly defined objectives, desired outcomes, and a calendar of events



Who is a technical recruiter?

Recruiters are people who find the right candidates to work for an organization. Technical recruiters have knowledge and expertise in technical skills and therefore they are more suitable for hiring IT professionals. Technical recruiters can work for a particular organization or a placement agency. View from a range of technical recruiter jobs being hired by our fortune 500 clientele.

What technical skill sets and qualifications do you need to be a technical recruiter?

Most companies that hire recruiters look for candidates possessing a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree in human resources. But, to be hired as a technical recruiter, the candidate should possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Since technical recruiters have to understand the processes involved in a particular technical project, a background in a technical field will be beneficial. Apart from holding professional degrees, a technical recruiter also needs to have very strong communication skills. He/she needs to develop the bridge between the company and the candidate.

Programming Languages and Technologies:
As a technical recruiter, it is imperative to learn about the IT domains of the client or organization. A clear understanding of IT jargon like programming, development, support maintenance, front-end technologies, and back-end technologies will be beneficial for the candidate. Ability to understand different technological processes like web development, mobile application, and Microsoft products will be an added bonus. A technical recruiter should also have good salary-negotiation skills.

To be hired as a technical recruiter, a relevant experience in an IT company as a recruiter or a software engineer is beneficial. Experience in using recruitment tools like referrals, Head Hunting, calling, networking sites, and internet-based recruiting tools is essential for becoming a potential technical recruiter. Candidates should also possess a good understanding of United States Tax-terms and the US staff.

What are the certifications required to become a technical recruiter?

A technical recruiter has to choose the right candidate for a particular project. Some companies would prefer technical recruiters to possess a knowledge of their processes. In such cases, taking certification courses in programs like Java, C, and C++ will be helpful for the candidate. Alternatively, candidates can look for specialized certification courses for technical recruiters. AIRS is a US-based company that runs various kinds of training courses for technical recruiters. Technical recruiters can also seek training courses and certificates from American Staffing Association. All major IT companies in the U.S. recognize certificates from American Staffing Association and it will definitely help in promoting a candidate’s resume.

What is the scope for technical recruiters?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that human-resources specialist jobs will increase by 8% from 2012 to 2022. Since hiring is a continuous process, IT organizations are always looking for potential recruiters. Candidates with good experience and a relevant undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or human resources management will have a thriving career as a technical recruiter.

What are the career opportunities for a technical recruiter?

According to a report published by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a technical recruiter in the U.S. is $61,560. The salary can go up to $96,470 depending on the experience and knowledge of the candidate. Hiring the right candidate for the company is very important as the company’s development depends on its employees. Technical recruiters who gain a lot of experience in this field can choose to act as freelance recruiters. They can work on a contract basis for a company directly or for a placement agency. In some companies, technical recruiters are also paid a bonus for hiring the right candidate for the client.