Job title: IT TECH ENG - PROF LEAD (U)
Location: Boston
• SQL, Perl, Python, or Bash, PaaS, Expert BI, BW Expertise, Snowflake Expert
• Data Mining, Datasets, Database, Exchange, It Infrastructure, Metrics, Security, Self-Motivated, User Access, Visualization
• The nature of the work is focused on the company's computer and telephony technology tools used to create, store, exchange, and use all forms of information.
• Optimize the capability of the IT infrastructure and services to deliver cost effective and sustained level of application availability.
• Develop complex tools and processes in the support of continuity management. Executes tests for system continuity. Design, test, and implement monitoring tools and processes.
• Write procedures to respond to results so system issues are brought to resolution.
• Collect metrics over a long term for trending. Performs complex work to install hardware and software taking proactive steps to assure success.
• Devises process and procedure for applying and maintaining security settings and user access based on technology platform.
• Recommends improvements as indicated based on analysis of current techniques and perceived imperfections.