Job Title: SAP Test Architect
Location: Boston, US

SAP Test architect.
Located in Boston, MA
Duration: 12 Months Contract with high possible extension based on the performance

Requirements are:
Very comfortable dealing with third-party vendors, primarily Salesforce Cloud
• Must have done test orchestration in programs as large as or larger than this
• Experience as a test architect
• Must have experience with Salesforce Cloud
• Strong SAP experience
• Candidates should be able to move to the location of the job as usual, but there is a slight chance for remote work (do not mention this to candidates!)
• Role will likely extend pass their listed ends
• First round interview will be video via Bluejeans
• Must be true thought leader and excellent communicator
• If they have worked in transformational roles in the past then they are likely a good fit
• Retail background is a plus
• Architect role should have 10+ years of experience
• Must have previous background as an architect (using that title on their resumes) to qualify as an architect
• ASAP hire
• Many initial screens will be from 5-7 pm ET
• Likely only one interview before an offer
• Likely will be panel interviews