Job title; Market strategy analyst
Location: Costa Mesa
Duration: 3 months contract

Job Description

Business Justification Goal of any business intelligence program is to
• Optimize distinct business capabilities to gain competitive advantage
• Perform analysis that allows senior management to make more informed decisions that then influence product planning, product marketing, etc.
• Improve understanding of market dynamics and leverage for better forecasting and planning
• Drive innovation and strategy across product, sales, and marketing domains
Intern project description
• Establish and grow business intelligence program capable of generating insights that improve decision making throughout business
• Complete market landscape assessment (e.g., market sizing, market trends, key competitor identification, new market entrants)
• Develop and execute consumer insight project (e.g., identify consumer research needs, select consumer research firm, design consumer survey, package and present results of consumer survey)
• Build competitive intelligence repository (e.g., complete SWOT analyses for Top ~5 competitors, compare product features / functionality across main competitors, summarize recent and relevant competitor activity)
• Create business intelligence content to inform key functions (e.g., Sales guidance and competitive product overviews, Marketing briefs with suggested marketing strategies and tactics, technical product evaluations and comparisons)
Learning objective(s)
• Develop general understanding of marketing strategy and how business intelligence informs strategic decision-making process
• Gain experience designing and executing consumer research
• Learn general market landscapes of all three primary industries Client – Partner Solutions competes in
• Improve ability to take information / insights and package to tell compelling stories and influence key stakeholders