Job title: Graphic Designer
Location: Austin
Job Description

• Design high-level workflows and wireframes for use in directing the product out-of-box experience (OOBE), first-time user experience (FTUE), and user interface interactions.
• Create functional prototypes of the workflows and designs for internal evaluation and user testing.
• Act as a bridge between engineering and the XD team.
• Collaborate with cross-functional stake holders to ensure the design can be efficiently implemented.
• Design workflows that work on multiple devices and platforms including mobile.
• Remain knowledgeable about emerging UX standards and design trends.
• Identify, recommend, and prioritize new user interface features and applications in conjunction with end-user requirements or business needs.
• Manage and/or provide guidance to junior members of the team.
• Document design decisions for tracking, cross-functional education, and re-use in future designs.
• Experience with photography, video, and audio production is a bonus.
Candidates must possess the following:
• Post-secondary degree in a relevant field
• Demonstrated capability in interfacing with external parties to demonstrate and seek feedback on products.
• Strong presentation skills
• Ability to build relationships across team boundaries and time zones/geographic dispersion.
• Experience with consumer and/or enterprise product design, with a strong focus on user-interfaces.
The following qualifications are desirable:
• Technical knowledge on UX-related technologies, including user-interface architectures, cloud technologies, UI analytics, video analytics, and audio analytics/language processing.
• Experience with a variety of collaboration products such as video conferencing, web collaboration, and Instant Messaging platforms.
• Experience with consumer IoT product design, such as connected home experiences.