Job title: BIDW ETL Developer - Contractor Specialist
Location: Atlanta

Job Description
• Transfer Report Code from SAS/SQL to Big Data Hive/Impala allowing for more granularity and drill-down (i.e. member level)
• Match Legacy report data with new data structure
• Proficient in Big Data/Hadoop environment, Impala/HIVE, SQL
• Familiar with SAS , HQL
• Experience creating data structures to support visualizations
• Familiarity with BI Tools like SAS Grid, Tableau, etc. and experience creating data structures to support visualizations
• Has soft programming experience in SQL, Hadoop technologies
• Excellent communication skills
• Team player.
• Develop code to extract 50+ metrics from either Big Data Hive/Impala or other KP data systems with goal to automate existing Operations Dashboard that is currently produced in Excel
• Refine and automate Impala code developed for a Medicaid Analytical prototype that will be scalable to all populations (i.e. Commercial and Medicare) and allow for self-service capabilities through KP BI tools (i.e. Tableau)
• Partner with UI/UX and Tableau developers to create visualizations using data extracts