Job title: Network Systems Engineer
Location: San Diego

Job Description
• Install, maintain, and support network routers, switches, and other communications devices, including LAN, WAN, and Internet infrastructure for the use of development staff and online game services.
• Assist with the planning and design of new network topologies and the deployment of new equipment to create highly reliable 24x7 production networks for Internet, LAN, WAN, and QA verifications purposes. Monitor network performance and conduct in-depth network performance testing.
• Provide technical support to a wide range of departments on a wide range of issues concerning networking, the development of applications utilizing those networks, large-scope IT related projects, and collaboration with Online Games support staff.
• Assist in being primary/secondary point of contact for a multi-homed AS with multiple ISP and telecommunications vendors.
• Assist in the design and implementation of cable installations and site wiring/planning for internal/external expansion projects.
• Advise and recommend the purchase of new network equipment whenever appropriate while adhering to smart product comparisons for thoroughness.
• Create on going documentation as it relates to network diagrams and infrastructure topology.
• Collaborate with Online Games support staff whenever appropriate to ensure adequate network resources and proper information.
• Learns to use professional concepts.
• Applies company policies and procedures to resolve routine issues.
• Works on problems of limited scope.
• Follows standard practices and procedures in analyzing situations or data from which answers can be readily obtained.
• Builds stable working relationships internally.
Normally receives detailed instructions on all work.
• Typically requires 0-3 years of related experience.