Job title: Senior Audio Test Engineer
Location: Plantation

Job Description
You will be working in a stimulating environment to contribute to the invention and development of the next generation of audio processing, rendering and capture technology for mixed reality devices.

• Demonstrate and implement innovative audio signal processing software, including spatial audio rendering, fidelity enhancement, and microphone signal processing.
• Develop test protocols and applications for the evaluation and validation of audio signal processing software prototypes and implementations.
• Collaborate effectively and proactively within a team responsible for the design and deployment of a complex audio subsystem under strict schedule and architectural constraints.
• Create clear and thorough documentation for internal and cross-functional reference.
• Generate new and unique IP.
Qualifications Required:
• Extensive experience (minimum 3 years) in designing and implementing audio signal processing systems and applications in C/C++.
• Experience with professional software design tools and techniques: using software version control systems, performing regular code reviews of your own and/or other people's code, planning and operating in an Agile/Scrum type environment.
• Working knowledge of audio, acoustics, and psychoacoustics.
• Spatial audio, artificial reverberation, audio effects/enhancement, virtual/augmented reality.
• Acoustic echo cancellation and beamforming, speech processing and recognition, wake-on-voice.
• Experience with Android/Linux; Android NDK; Github/Gerrit, Perforce.
• Experience writing and executing test plans, protocols, methodologies.
• Experience with Max/MSP, AudioMulch (or similar), Python, C#, Faust, Matlab.
• Interactive audio: Unity/Unreal engines; Wwise, FMOD, or Fabric middleware; OpenAL, EAX.
• Digital audio workstations, plugin development, sound design/editing.
• Experience with technical publication and patent application/prosecution.
• BA/BS in Computer Science is required. MS is preferred.