• Analyze current data and identify opportunities for measuring quality.
  • Pull data queries from tables in multiple databases in order to show a comprehensive analysis of the quality state of our data for root cause analysis or process improvement opportunities.
  • Run SQL queries, data extract and automation opportunities for project team to improve efficiency. o Assist in solution testing, debugging and documentation and system issue support.
  • Able to provide dashboard requirements and business analysis on trend, proposals and insights for output gain and provide information for management for decision making.
  • 5+ years of data analytics or similar experience
  • SQL Expert - Must be able to write complex queries that utilize multiple functions, joins, subqueries, regex, aggregations etc.
  • Must be able to troubleshoot said complex queries
  • Must be proficient in query optimization
  • Must have knowledge about basic data structure in databases (mysql)
  • Ability to trend data even without existing pipelines
  • Ability to 'reverse engineer' complex workbooks/data pipeline in order to take over or be part of development