Role: Principal RAN Engineer
Duration: 6- 12 Months Contact to hire
Location: Concord CA

Job Description:
  • we are looking for a new rock star to join our RAN Performance West region team! You can get the job if you are an exceptional RAN Optimization Engineer with deep theoretical and practical knowledge of the cellular networks, you are very familiar with NOKIA and/or ERICSSON RAN products, you have bright data scientist skills, you are an individual with a strong emotional intelligence and last but not least you have a true passion for the wireless industry.
  • Exceptional RAN Optimization Engineer. What we mean with that is a deep knowledge of the 3GPP standards, a very extensive experience in cellular network planning, design, optimization and troubleshooting, a proven track record of successful project delivery, superior presentation skills.
  • Familiar with NOKIA and/or ERICSSON RAN products. What we want here is an engineer who has been working for 7+ years on NOKIA and/or ERICSSON RAN platforms in LTE, VoLTE, HSDPA, UMTS and GSM.
  • Bright Data Scientist. The skills that we are looking for here include Math, Statistical, Coding, Database, Communication and Visualization Skills.
  • Individual with a strong emotional intelligence. The ideal candidate will be a pleasure to work with. The skills that we would like to see here are capability to work in a team of peers, an upbeat attitude, flawless hardworking ethics combined with the ability to coach junior colleagues and at the same time the ability to accept advises from senior colleagues.

What you'll do in your role.
  • In this job you will be required to support all the network optimization efforts in the Client West Region markets. You will do this working in a team of amazing engineers.
  • You and the rest of the team will have to consult, guide, and advise the markets.
  • This will require a lot of leadership skills as the markets do not report directly to the region but they rather look at the region as a pool of experts and advisors who will be ready to provide insights which are above and beyond what they already know.
  • The end goal of all this work is to provide to the Client customers the best possible experience! Most of your work will be on LTE and VoLTE technologies, but you will also be required to work on legacy networks such as GSM and UMTS.
  • You will deliver this job using your Data Scientist skills leveraged but your awesome RAN Engineering background!
  • The experience you'll bring.

Hard technical skills:
  • Passion for Wireless Industry: you don't see the wireless industry as a job, but rather as a passion that allows you to help people to connect with family, friends and business partners through amazing cutting edge technology.
  • Deep knowledge of 3GPP Standards: you know 3GPP standards like the back of your hand. And if you don't know something you go to to look for the answer. Your knowledge goes across GSM, UMTS, LTE and LTE-A technologies.
  • Extensive experience with ERICSSON RAN products: you have been working for 7+ years on NOKIA and/or ERICSSON RAN platforms in LTE, VoLTE, HSDPA, UMTS and GSM. You know ERICSSON HW products, features, performance management and fault management.
  • Extensive experience in Cellular Network Dimensioning, Planning, Design, Optimization and Troubleshooting: you have 7+ years of solid track record in the wireless industry. During your career you have been a tremendous contributor to projects which included Dimensioning, Planning, Design, Optimization and Troubleshooting.
  • Proven track record of successful project design and delivery: in your career you have envisioned, proposed and successfully delivered projects in the wireless industry. Some of these projects were ground breaking and have led to recommendations that have been implemented across several markets, regions and networks.

  • Bachelor's in Engineering