Job Description (Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the role OR you have the option to upload the JD below under attachments): Pre-Identified Candidate - See Attachment for Full Details

Candidate Name: Daniela Constable
Estimated start date: ASAP
Estimated end date: 6/30/2019
Bill rate offer: $50.00/hr
Weekly schedule and OT estimate: Monday to Friday, 40 hrs
Equipment required: Supplier to provide
Workspace type: Assigned
Program office contact: McKenna Shane, or


The terms of the Supplier Master Agreement with Microsoft govern all assignments through Microsoft Procurement, inclusive of, but not limited to, the Confidentiality and Security Requirements. Posting the Microsoft name, group names, technologies (Xbox, Bing, etc.), project code names, or program office information is strictly prohibited.
Sub-contracting is discouraged at Microsoft. All forms of sub-contracting must be submitted to the contractor services team for review and approval. Please note, for any assignments in support of the WDG organization, no sub-contracting approvals will be granted.
All candidates must be submitted with full legal names, and without agency letterhead or logos.
It is against Microsoft policy to solicit another supplier's contractor while on an active assignment.

More information on the above policies can be found in your Supplier Reference Guide. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local program office.