The successful engineer in this role will:
  • Understand how commodity servers, operating systems and networks function, perform and scale.
  • Possess superb troubleshooting, project management and problem analysis skills.
  • Drive technical innovation and efficiency in infrastructure operations via automation.
  • Design server monitoring and management solutions using automation and self-repair.
  • Create processes that enhance operational workflow and provide positive customer impact.
  • Dive deep to resolve problems at their root, looking for failure patterns amenable to long-term solutions via simplification and automation.
  • Avoid re-inventing the wheel and prefer appropriately simple, repeatable solutions over more complex and failure prone ones.
  • Recognize and adopt best practices in documentation, testing, security, operational support at scale, and efficient use of resources.
  • Develop appropriate metrics to demonstrate performance at improving operational efficiency.
Core Requirements:
  • In depth knowledge of & experience deploying and operating Linux or other UNIX variants in a datacenter environment.
  • Relentless passion for frugality and out-of-the-box engineering.
  • Strong system troubleshooting skills.
  • Proficiency and experience in automation via Perl/Python programming and shell scripting.
  • Good understanding of standard internet protocols (Ethernet, ARP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, SSL, DNS, HTTP, etc.)
  • Demonstrable grasp of security best practices in server configuration, tool development, and access controls.
  • Experience in building SQL queries.
Highly Desirable Attributes:
  • Knowledge of C, C++ or Java.
  • Knowledge of VCS (git, mercurial, svn).
  • Understanding of AWS technologies (aws.***.com).
  • Experience deploying or managing servers in large-scale, geographically diverse environments.
  • Understanding & experience of managing and monitoring large scale disk sub-systems.
  • Operational knowledge of common enterprise switching and routing platforms