Job Description: Intake Notes:

Can you give me a quick overview of what your team does, and why you re looking to bring on a Temp? (Cover LOA, increased workload, new project, etc.)
Regulatory Compliance team (north America)
Set up front end process to create policies for potentially dangerous products
Room to bring on more team is a little short staffed right now

Are there any key projects or initiatives your group is working on that might be helpful to mention?
Planning to map global work flows to compare metrics across different

Once we get going on this, what are the things that are most important to you - is it finding all the right skills, sticking to a budget or timeline, or something else along those lines?
Skills great BIE experience

What s the timeline in terms of start and end date? Will this person be working standard core hours (8-5, 9-6 etc.) throughout the assignment?
Standard core hours
WFH after they are ramped up

So that suppliers can paint a good picture to candidates, can you walk me through what a typical day might look like?
Start of day sync with manager or other BIE
Not a lot of meetings

Can you describe their level of interaction with you and others on the team?
Primarily interacting with manager (Melissa) and operations manager
May interact w/ business side (especially at first)

What s the work environment like where this person will sit? (Relaxed, formal, quiet, loud, etc.)
Pretty relaxed, open office environment, not overly quiet or loud
Additional meeting rooms are available if needed
For the right person, is there any chance for flexibility on the schedule or the option to work remotely?
Preference would be in office, remote is possible if the right candidate
Once this assignment gets underway, do you think there s any chance for extension or conversion?
Most likely extension, but probably not conversion.
However, lots of BIEs are needed at *** manager could find another team for the right person


With some of the other huge tech companies out there, competition for talent at all levels can get pretty tough at times. When suppliers start sourcing, what would you say are some of the main selling points that would get candidates interested in your role over another?
Get into customer trust aspect of ***
Great understanding of the retail side of the business


How many years of experience are you looking for? Do you need someone with a particular degree or certification?
5+ years of experience BIE, Business or financial analyst
BS degree in math, computer science,
SQL experience
Apart from missing the requirements, is there anything else you d see on a profile that would automatically DISQUALIFY a candidate?
Someone who has repeatedly left contracts early

As you start to go through resumes, what would stand out to you as the BEST candidate versus an AVERAGE candidate?
Strong history of ownership, take charge of big projects
What are some of the performance indicators you ll be looking for once this person ramps up? (Meeting deadlines, quality of work, etc.)
Deliver results
Quickly put together reports
Soft and hard skills
Not necessarily specific KPIs
What would you say are the TOP 3 must-have skills you re looking for in order of importance? What level of experience do you need for each skill? (Measurable skills, technologies, etc.)
a.) Experience Sequel
b.) Salesforce
c.) *BIE experience at *** would be great


Which leadership principles resonate most with you and that you would like to see in a new team member?
Ownership, dive deep, delivers results, earns trust

Do you have a particular interview process in mind? This is completely up to you, but we typically see an initial phone screen followed by an in-person.
Just phone interviews

Are you looking to interview as soon as you find a strong candidate? Or are you looking to conduct interviews during a particular timeframe?
What are the top required coding languages for this role? What other languages might be considered in lieu of those specified?
Just sequel

Does your team operate in an Agile/Scrum/Waterfall environment?
Nothing formally

Is there a particular type of environment/industry this contractor should/should not come from?
Great if they were coming from tech operations or retail operations

Is there an existing code base or will the temp need to code from scratch?
No need to code from scratch

Who will be testing this temp s code?
Senior Manager

What is the level of collaboration on this team? Does the team employ paired-programming or test-driven development?
Pretty collaborative
At ***, we're working to be the most customer-centric company on earth. To get there, we need exceptionally talented, bright, and driven people. If you'd like to help us build the place to find and buy anything online, this is your chance to make history. This role is focused on project work associated with key risk management strategies focused on supporting Restricted Products Legal - North America.

Do you have the passion to analyze data to uncover patterns and to build data products and data visualizations? Do you want to make an impact in *** s risk profile? We are looking for a seasoned business intelligence engineer who can help optimize our business of risk management by developing cutting edge data products, data visualizations to democratize insights, information at *** scale.

You will build mission critical data products that customers love. This role will partner closely with the legal and compliance teams to understand the data and analytical needs and ensure that the teams are able to answer hard questions with real data. A successful individual should be highly collaborative and organized. You should be capable of prioritizing multiple deliverables and effectively communicate progress and blockers. You should feel comfortable working across multiple data-sources, and be capable of participating in and understanding how multiple systems communicate information to one-another. A successful individual will also be able to take customer anecdotes, dive deep, and confirm with data whether a candidate experience is an edge case or a trend. You will be building out end to end data products right from gathering requirements, designing the front end user experiences, doing data blending in SQL and socializing the insights with stakeholders.

- B.S. degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science or a similar quantitative field
- 5+ years work experience BI Engineer, Business/Financial Analyst or Systems Analysts or equivalent field
- Experience in using SQL to analyze data in a database or data warehouse
- Advanced working knowledge of data manipulation and data mining using SQL.
- Experience working with a wide range of predictive and decision models and data mining techniques, as well as tools for developing such models
- Experience in relational database concepts with a knowledge of star schema, Redshift, SQL, SQL Tuning
- Familiarity with Salesforce and Redshift
- Advanced skills in Excel as well as any data visualization tools like Tableau.

- Proven analytical and quantitative skills to use hard data and metrics to back up assumptions, develop business cases, and complete root cause analyses
- Capable of taking responsibility for an initiative and working with minimal direction; self-starter even when assignments are vague or undefined
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills; ability to simplify complex topics for broad audiences, both business and technical teams
- Creative in finding new solutions/designing innovative methods, systems, and processes
- Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information with extreme discretion, including handling encrypted files
Reason for Request: