• You will be part of the engineering team responsible for designing and implementing technical solutions that will reach massive scale.
• Contribute to the architecture and development of the digital platform and tools to support key e-commerce and cloud technology initiatives.
• You will build and enhance core tools that are needed to support development, testing and integrations leading to Continuous Delivery.
• Use your creative and innovation-driven mindset to articulate engineering design strategies related to scale, performance, security, and usability.
• Use modern web development tools and technologies: Node.js, ECMAScript 6, React

• 10+ years of Full Stack Experience
• Experience with Java/Spring/Maven
• Solid technical communication skills with business partners and other engineer teams
• Experience using version control systems such as Git
• Experience with bug tracking software such as Jira or ClearQuest
• Proficiency with UNIX/Linux command line
• Experience in understanding different integration patterns and their usage during testing
• Experience with modern web technologies and NoSQL
• Experience with Cloud Infrastructure; AWS / OpenStack