• Set up and perform a wide variety of complex laboratory tests requiring knowledge and application of the basic air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, acoustics, mechanics or electronics.
• Fully support all test lab activities, lab supervisor and test lab management (including test engineer)
• Work under direct supervision
• Communicate (written and oral) with the Test Lab Management, system/component requesting engineer and/or manager (the Test Lab Client)
• Attend all meetings as directed by the supervisor
• Help keep the test lab a safe and clean area
• Perform all duties in a safe and sane manner
• Prepare test samples for tests so that the necessary measurements can be made to the required accuracy, precision and tolerance.
• Be able to perform some tests on most HVAC types of product or component on any laboratory facility after a reasonable training period.
• Be able to troubleshoot, with help if necessary, any Unit Under Test (UUT) and/or facility problems using digital volt meters, various gauges and manometers.
• Must have good brazing/soldering skills, electrical wiring, computer and troubleshooting skills of air-conditioning and electrical controls to perform HVAC test setups.
• Understand test methods, computer aided data acquisition & test operation and provide accurate data records.
• Follow good safety practices and contribute to the cleanliness and neatness as necessitated in a laboratory atmosphere
• Must be team oriented so as to contribute to the overall effort of the laboratory to supply product to the end customer in a professional manner.
• Drive continuous laboratory improvements by participating in team projects.
• Support product program testing
• Communicate project status and/or problems to management, laboratory engineer, requesting engineers and other laboratory technicians.
• Keep tools, equipment, instrumentation and transducers in good working order and properly calibrated at all times.