At least 3 years relevant experience required. Help us Client the information hidden in vast amounts of data, to enable smarter decisions that will deliver even better products. Your primary focus will be in applying data mining techniques and creating methods of telling the story within the data. We aspire to use our data to tell us what and where we need to go and what we need to do in order advance our mission of delivering incredible customer experience.

Relevant experience required in PowerBI and Tableau.

Responsibilities include:
Designing and building reporting dashboards for all levels of project management. Detailed understanding of basic database administration, database engines, SQL, programming, and importantly visualization in PowerBI or Tableau.

1. Expected to be moderate to very proficient in the following.
Database Administration (design, building and maintaining structured databases)
Databases Engines (e.g., MS SQL, MySQL, and/or MS Access)
SQL coding

2. Expected to be able to deliver a dashboard quickly using one or all of the following.
Visualization Tools (e.g., PowerBI, Qlik, and/or Tableau)

3. Experience in Programming (visual basic, python, C#, and/or C++) HTML5 Web Site Design (with JavaScript, CSS, PHP) preferred.

Additional experience presenting to executives, familiarity with a fast pace and the ability to both lead and follow in the project as needed.