Context & Need: The AI Search Platform team are looking for 2 SDE's to help support their build out of Data Connectors & indexers for their key client base to help expand the number of data sources that they can connect to. This will help their key clients connect more easily to data sources such as SharePoint, Azure Files, OneDrive etc. They currently support 6+ connectors (Azure Blobs, Azure SQL, CosmosDB, MongoDB, MySQL etc). The developers will be supporting and helping to build out new Connectors and Indexers, maintain and support new features added to current data services and testing the development/engineering of the new connectors and Indexers.
  • Experience dealing and working with extensive data sources
  • Working with large data sets (Extracting, grabbing and manipulating the date)
  • Experience with REST
  • Exp coding in C#, C++, Python or Java
  • Understanding and knows the coding lifecycle extremely well (Write, Test, Performance, Comment, Feedback etc).
  • Experience working within event processing, data parsing pipeline and the indexing pipeline.
  • CS degree.
  • Previous experience dealing with Data Engineering