Responsibilities include:
Track requests & Deliverables
Identify new sources of data
Secure access to data sources
Determine data accuracy and usefulness
Define processes to Improve the quality of data (standards) 1. Frequency of data collection 2. Consistency (normalization) 3. Automate data gathering activities.
Analytical thought partner to technology and business leadership
Continuous and rapid prototyping of analytics, methodologies, dashboards, insights and self-service tools to address evolving business challenges
Manage intake, prioritization and trade-offs across multiple functions at all levels of the organization
Leverage design skills to build complete suite of user-oriented dashboards and meaningful, actionable data visualizations to meet the needs of the organization
Present all data insights and findings in succinct and creative ways using data visualizations for a broad audience, including all levels of leadership, technology, business and finance
Perform deep-dive analyses to answer complex questions and deliver insights on the root causes of issues and make recommendations on how to best monitor and meet them
Lead discussions on analytics and interpretation of results
Meet cross-functional teams to understand data needs, define user stories & problem statements, collect data, document schemas & report requirements, and write specifications
Thought leadership on various tools, applications, and/or queries to create and configure reports and dashboards
Lead deep dives of complex datasets and problems across multiple functions to identify actionable insights and recommendations
Institute highest data accuracy and quality standards across the analytics team via mechanisms including but not limited to proactive monitoring, testing and fixing data issues
Work with data infrastructure, systems, architecture, tooling and process teams to triage data-quality issues and drive long term improvement
Well versed with MS. Office, Visio, and DocuSign