(a) Organizational Change Management (OCM) framework: a reusable framework that outlines the construct of change management activities and deliverables. This framework will be mapped to project phases, with the intent of preparing end users for the new tool(s) or process(es) being implemented and increase rate of user adoption
(b) Change Management Plan (and execution of the plan): deliverable describing approach and plan for all change management activities. This plan will be integrated to overall project plan to ensure it aligns with project objectives and critical milestones
(c) Stakeholder Analysis: identification and analysis of impacted audience, working closely with project manager to coordinate rollout schedules
(d) Communication Plan (and execution of the plan): a detailed plan capturing audience, purpose of communication, who will review and deliver the communication, when and in what form. Consultant will draft communications to be reviewed and approved.
(e) Training Plan (and execution of the plan), training content as needed: a detailed plan aligned with the project rollout schedule to ensure end-user readiness to adopt new tool(s) or process(es). Create training content as needed, and ensure easy accessibility of the content to end-users
(f) Post Go Live Support Plan: aligned with overall go live plan, provides details on how end-users will be supported after go live; this includes plan to support new employees using the tool(s) or process(s).
(g) Status: Provide on-going status updates on all change management planning and execution activities throughout the project