Some might question the real importance of appreciating your colleagues.

“After all, a business relationship doesn’t really need the love and care as much as it shouldn’t have hate and disregard,” they may believe.

But think deep. If a job requires passion and a team with a purpose, you’re bound to have slip-ups and conflicts. And that’s where you will need love, compassion and care, correct?

So this is how we do it at Aditi…

1) Say thank you in person

No, we’re not talking about a thank you note via Skype, emails or WhatsApp texts. Personalize your effort by walking up to your colleague’s desk and say thank you. Show your appreciation for their hard work and contribution. It’s basic but a great way to make them feel important!

2) Play the Chinese Whisper

Spread the word. Let others know what a great job your co-worker has done and how well they’ve performed. Identify something specific a colleague has done to help you or an admirable personal quality that makes work easier every day. A nice public appreciation will make your colleague feel extra special—and it’ll help boost his or her value within the team.

3) Praise them to a superior

Similar to point 2, speak highly of your colleague to someone important and acknowledge how much their efforts mean to you. A small recommendation could go a long way in their career. The compliment on its own will make your colleague feel appreciated—but knowing that the boss also knows what he or she has done makes the gratitude even more meaningful.

4) Bring in a treat

Yeah, it may sound silly at first and reminds you of when you took candy treats to play school on your birthday. But then again, who wouldn’t appreciate a donut or a cup of coffee? Anything like that will undoubtedly light someone’s eyes up and make the atmosphere a bit more festive.

At Aditi, team potlucks are always a common sight! 😀

Team Potluck-Shares Services

5) Offer to help

A friend in need is a friend indeed, right?

Not all days are the same. We have good ones and bad ones. Volunteer to help your colleague with a task that can take a little weight off their shoulders for a while. They won’t forget the gesture and it will earn you brownie points for when you find yourself in need of some help too.

Here’s a snapshot of one of our effective training sessions at Aditi aimed at helping employees.

Aditi Training Session

6) Say Hi!

Don’t know someone just because you haven’t worked in the same team? It doesn’t matter. Carry a friendly smile and greet someone new every day. Initiate a conversation to get to know them better. It’s always nice to have friends at work.

7) Bring back a little something from your vacation

If you’re headed home for the holidays, try bringing back inexpensive gifts or souvenirs from your hometown to show them that they were on your mind. Some chocolates, cute refrigerator magnets, or even just your mom’s homemade cookies will make them smile.

8) You Rock Buddy

At Aditi, we have our very own concept too. Grab a You Rock Buddy card from the reception, personalize your message appreciating your colleague for his or her efforts and drop it off at their desk. A simple and beautiful way to brighten up someone’s day. Grab yours now and make a difference!

Aditi You Rock Buddy Concept

Here’s a video of our women employees talking about why they believe Aditi is a safe place to work. Some common things we bet you’ll hear – great culture, friendly folks, people care.