How many companies can you think of that are industry leaders only because of their product quality? Go ahead, take a moment. Tough question, right?

Perhaps it would be easier to name the number of companies that are successful behemoths?

It most certainly is, thanks to the quality of people such firms have and hire.

An innovative workforce with talented staff, inspiring leadership, and an exceptionally creative marketing team are only a few of the several powerful contributors to positively transform a company’s image.

Now, what would you say a firm’s best asset is?

Its employees, of course!

From the HR representative who patiently resolved your medical claim issue to the IT guy who swiftly fixed that hardware bug, it’s these faces that make an impression and play the role of ambassadors for the companies they represent.

Recruitment is not just a two-team battle, is it? It’s a war zone with several teams fighting to take over top talent from an extremely large pool of diverse candidates.
The world is a global village and hiring cannot be confined to a limited geography in this talent-hungry job market.

Talent knows no timelines. It can be found both among the young and the experienced in all lands across the seven seas.

Talent – Your First Step

People. Yes, that should be first on your mind.

After all, they are indeed one of the largest investment a company makes.

Smart industry giants who innovate past their rivals prioritize talent acquisition as a long-term play and not just a transaction at the need of the hour.

Hence, the single most effective strategy for companies to reach that end goal is to strictly engineer the right strategies and technology-focused processes that will cultivate their most important asset: their people.

Making Them Stay

The key to chasing victory in this war zone is to protect your people from ‘corporate snatchers’.

While there are several methods of pulling this off successfully, culture is proven to top that list.

A work environment that promotes value, respect and the platform to flourish acts as a natural magnetic field pulling back people and making them want to stay.

Remember, people crave belonging. They need to feel and believe that they are where they’re meant to be with people who value and appreciate them for the work they do.

At Aditi, we put this to practice right within our own corporate values, SPICE. We make our values real by striving to be Socially conscious, People & performance Driven, Intense, Creative and Ethical. We aim to be THE positive hub to work for and with – as one family.

There is a saying, “what cannot be measured, cannot be managed”. Though we have periodic internal audit systems, we wanted independent third parties to test us.

And we fared well. We won Great Place to Work 2018 after being assessed on people related management practices using Great Place to Work® People Practice Culture Audit© Framework and measured the perceptions of employees using Great Place to Work® Trust Index© Employee Survey.

Redefining ROI

Winning the talent war simply means discovering and hiring the highest quality candidates. More importantly, winning that talent means success for you, your employees and your business. That is the real ROI and that is an investment worth making.

Finding that kind of talent is what experienced and specialized talent solution firms do every day. Several Fortune 500 companies use specialized resources and partners to successfully accelerate and leverage their hiring strategy.

What do they bring to the table?

Everything. From sourcing-screening-interviewing to bridging the gap between top talent and employers for the mutual benefits they offer each other, the proven blueprint undoubtedly promises a success story. One that will ensure your story has the perfect beginning with the ideal matched protagonist; your talent.

Hence, investing in the right talent will pay dividends and far exceed expected ROIs from any other asset your company owns.