8th March is celebrated as Women’s Day across the globe but this time, we decided that just a day wasn’t enough. That is why the entire month of March was dedicated to the women of Aditi Consulting!

We got up close and personal to determine who our ladies were at home and we learned a lot. We didn’t realize until then that we had supermoms, singers, artists, and adventure lovers among us.

Oftentimes, we get so engrossed in our daily routine that we forget to appreciate the superheroes around us. They juggle between so much every day and yet, spread happiness and ensure that they give their 100% at work.

The month of March was a bonding experience for all of us as we learned who everyone was outside their job titles and our appreciation for them increased manifold.

Say hello to them!

Playful and always smiling, Aania Aslam is a huge animal lover and can’t imagine the day without her precious cat. She loves creating content, traveling, and attending events with her family/friends. She is a dedicated manager at work and a warm person who loves capturing precious moments with her camera.


Annapurna loves to unwind by partying with her husband over the weekends. She also loves listening to music, gardening, and painting. Talk about an all-rounder!


Meet Safa! She loves reading books and pampering herself during her days off. She also dedicates ample time to her happy family.


She loves shooting, playing chess and carroms, sketching, and traveling solo. There really isn’t much that Salomee can’t do!


Razia Khatoon is a complete people’s person who loves giving back to the society through small acts of kindness. She also loves drawing, painting, and reading books.


You can’t beat her energy levels! Mindy is a passionate, active person who loves being on her toes. She loves hitting the gym and attending social events/concerts. Her days are incomplete without a touch of color and fun.


Some people are tea people and some people are coffee people. But Deepika is both! Our Senior Technical Recruiter is also a fun-loving dancer and traveler who loves watching movies and chilling at home during the weekends.


When she is not managing business operations, she is spending quality time with her family and treating them with delicious dishes! Denise is a super hard worker from NY and TX who never fails to make us smile!


Adventurous and caring at the same time, Meghna Nehra is a devoted mother, a loving housewife, and a brilliant cook. While she dedicates her day to Client Services, her nights and weekends are only for family!



Amrita knows how to live life king size! She is passionate about everything she does, from technical recruiting to traveling, playing outdoor games, music, and reading. She also dedicates her free time to social service. More power to you, Amrita!


When she is not cooking lip-smackin’ dishes, Anuradha is spending time with her loved ones or exploring new places. She is a complete family person and knows how to have a great time!


Shelley Rial is one of the most driven and passionate ladies you will meet! She loves theater, swimming, and board games, and is a mother of two amazing children!


Urvashi loves traveling, shopping, going on adventures and hanging out with her friends. She is an extremely friendly, free-spirited lady!


When she is not building careers, Siji John is planning her next tour over a hot cuppa tea! She is calm and composed with a love for fiction, travel, and movies. Don’t be surprised if you run into her in an unknown tourist destination!


From playing the ukulele to salsa dancing and capturing moments beautifully with her camera, there’s barely anything that Morgan cannot do! She juggles work and personal life wonderfully and strongly follows her mantra – HUSTLE!


Bubbly, happy, and energetic, Fara cannot do without her black coffee every morning! She is an inspiring mom and an excellent manager.

Ladies, you are the light of Aditi Consulting and we are ecstatic that we had the chance to show you our appreciation. You prove to the world that no mountain is too high and nothing can stop you from being your best. Kudos!