Aditi Consulting presents the 2nd Annual

The Great Acceleration Report 2023

You will learn:

  • The current state of digital transformation
  • How to handle challenges of talent sourcing
  • How to prioritize enterprise digital challenges
  • Recession and pandemic lessons


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Cyber security must be a priority

At a cost to the enterprise of nearly $10 million per data breach, it behooves you to be prepared: find talent with the right expertise, plan your budget accordingly, and have a response protocol for if/when it happens.

Talent sourcing is a major challenge

The industry-wide clamoring on the already-tight talent shortage is making this a challenge not only of quantity, but also of quality. Pandemic-fueled refocus has enterprises scrambling for remote cloud, cyber security, and data analytics experts.

Cloud is forecast to significantly grow

Over 20% YoY growth in cloud spending is forecast, despite the economy. Corporate budgets are enabling this sector for the coming year, but there is a significant skills shortage and a competitive talent market.

Economic downturn is the time to invest in tech

2023’s financial uncertainty is ripe for continued investment in digital transformation to prepare for the future. Not only will the infrastructure need continual investment, but so will the talent needed to architect, manage, and maintain it.

The year of outsource

With a multitude of factors pointing to a disastrous shortage of talent qualified to handle the load on enterprise IT and tech needs, and an economy that demands cost reductions, many enterprises are poised to outsource their non-core needs this year.

The questions persist

Given this new normal, how will you achieve your automation goals? Can your data insights be trusted to help your organization grow in a down market? How will you meet DE&I targets in 2023? With spending heavily leaning toward cloud, security, and DevOps, are you prepared for a super-competitive talent market?