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Nearshore Advances Position It As A Talent Shortage Solution

In recent years, businesses have increasingly looked to nearshore services as a way to reduce costs. By sourcing talent from countries in close proximity, like Mexico, American businesses can realize a number of benefits. The advantages offered by nearshore talent are comparable to utilizing traditional offshore providers, but include added incentives that make it an ideal way to continue growth initiatives in 2023.

Below, we’ll explore the key reasons that nearshore should be a top priority for those experiencing talent shortage pressures. As labor costs rise, and top onshore candidates become harder to access, the urgency of bringing in alternative sources of skilled labor has grown to an immediate concern. The partner who can deliver by connecting your business to these burgeoning markets may become your most valuable asset.

Qualified Talent At The Right Cost

Nearshore services present a wide range of capabilities, with subject matter experts that will help you keep pace with your timelines. Financial growth and development in many Latin American regions have given populations the chance to upskill and become qualified tech candidates. Trained individuals in nearshore locations are now able to meet some of the growing demand for labor at a reasonable cost.

According to Forbes, Mexico contains a large pool of tech talent that can save companies more than 60% on labor costs compared to stateside hiring. They explain that in this Latin American hub, you can find people with the same skill levels required to produce quality work, at a fraction of the cost. Educational and infrastructure investments in the region have made Mexico not just a place to watch, but the place to employ.

Advantages of Nearshore

In addition to the high rate of English proficiency among qualified talent, their location offers a physical proximity to the U.S. that is hard to beat. With time zone alignment becoming ever more important, remote work is easier if your nearshore employees are on a local time within two or three hours of your own.

Culturally, Mexico is also fairly similar to the U.S., at least as compared with countries like China and India. This is one more consideration to take into account, and can lead to certain efficiencies in communication.

Cities Attract Young Workers

The country’s second largest city, Guadalajara, has become something of a Mexican Silicon Valley. In 2018, Smithsonian Magazine covered the city’s rise in tech development and education as a reinvention. The city remains attractive for its culture and opportunities, and many flock to it from around the country.

With desirable locations in Mexico pulling in those young and eager to work, there is also opportunity for American businesses. A mature pipeline of experienced consultants now exists there, along with the up-and-coming talent moving in behind them. So, there is a range of options to suit your needs, from entry level to those with years of expertise.

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Augmenting your staff and capabilities with nearshore contract talent has proven to be a business model that works. In the coming months, we’ll see more flocking towards this solution as market changes push for adaptation. Putting business on hold is not an option, but nor does it have to be. Through borderless talent a sustainable path opens up, along with new benefits. 

Engaging nearshore for development is a strategic move that can enable lasting growth, but it’s essential to find the right partner in this endeavor. Established tech centers in Latin America are creating the strong talent pools that businesses need, and Aditi is positioned to facilitate your connection to this valuable marketplace.

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