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Lost in the Automation Age?

Let Aditi Be Your Guide.
Let Aditi be your guide in the digital transformation race
Aditi - Your partner in the digital transformation race
Imagine your factory floor buzzing with activity. Robots whirl, sensors hum, and data flows as the lifeblood of your entire operation. This is the modern world of manufacturing - a symphony of technology driving efficiency at the speed of light.

But amidst the excitement, you might still feel uneasy. Can your company keep pace with the constant march of automation? Are you equipped to navigate the challenges of global competition, supply-chain disruptions, and a rapidly evolving digital landscape?

At Aditi, we understand the pressure to adapt. That's why we don't just offer solutions -we become your partner in the digital transformation race.



With the rise of globalization, manufacturers must compete with companies from around the world, including low-cost producers in emerging markets. This intensifies pressure to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and innovate to stay competitive. Some of these challenges include:

  • Global competition
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Digital transformation
  • Workforce skill gaps
  • Cybersecurity risks
  • Sustainability and environmental regulations

The Missing Piece: Your Dream Team

Think of your vision as a complex puzzle. You have the blueprint (your goals), but you lack the specialized pieces to bring it to life. Aditi assembles full-cycle teams with the specific skills you need. From AI and automation experts to cloud and infrastructure specialists, we can build a team tailored to your unique challenges.

We help you implement your most challenging projects, including:

Clients that trust us

Aditi has worked with over 50 manufacturing firms, including:

Pepsico CAT Novartis

Clients that trust us

Aditi has worked with over 50 manufacturing firms, including:

logo_pepsico logo_cat logo_novartis

Real-World Victories:
How We Empower Manufacturers

Real-World Victories:
How We Empower Manufacturers

Case Study 1:
Improving Remote Services Hotline Efficiency

The world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer needed to reevaluate their remote services tool, a support hotline for field personnel reporting Tier 1 problems. They brought in Aditi to evaluate current support processes and develop an issue-tracking process, communication plan, and appropriate quality metrics for tracking. Results:

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50% stats_01
Aditi significantly streamlined the support structure by reducing the interaction paths from 6 to 3 Teams for Tier One support under Remote Services.
stats_02 The implementation of standardized processes across multiple projects ensured an efficient workflow and reduced time, material, and labor.

Case Study 2:
Infrastructure Migration Program Management

The world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer needed help developing and managing a detailed IT project plan for the consolidation and migration of the IT infrastructure for their global information services division. Results:

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stats_03 The Aditi team crafted a comprehensive IT asset move and procurement plan by generating inventories for assets in each building and determining their post-migration location.
stats_04 Aditi’s strategic approach for risk analysis, prediction, and mitigation allowed them to seamlessly transition off the project, empowering the client company to independently complete the migration process.

The rise of nearshore & the impact on manufacturing

Download the report and see how the rise in Nearshoring in North America is affecting the Manufacturing Industry

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Why Choose Aditi?

We bring over 30 years of experience across diverse industries. Our client list boasts more than 75 Fortune 500 companies, a testament to our proven track record.

At Aditi, we don't offer cookie-cutter solutions. We create unique experiences that leverage borderless talent, cutting-edge technology, and – most importantly – your vision.

Don't get lost in the automation age.
Embrace the future with Aditi by your side.

Why Choose Aditi