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Staying Ahead Of The Curve In The Era Of AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning both have a profound impact on business and the various IT processes that feed into running a business. More than likely, you use AI and machine learning right now to help maximize your organizational efficiency.

But how do you stay informed about new developments within the space? How do you identify the “next big thing” you can incorporate into your business operations that will help bring your team to the next level?

Staying ahead in business means getting ahead of the curve. With regards to AI and machine learning, this means staying up to date on the latest trends and innovations.

There are several ways you can maintain awareness to stay ahead of the AI curve.

Predict How It Can Help You Best

There are multiple ways to incorporate AI and machine learning into your business processes. The first step in getting the most out of it is to establish a baseline awareness of what processes you currently use as well as what processes you could adopt to help streamline your company’s operations.

Evaluate your current processes to see if there are ways you can incorporate AI and machine learning into your operations in new ways. For example, do you have live chat support on your website? If so, setting up an automated chatbot is an easy way to employ AI to improve on an existing capability you use.

Or perhaps you currently send a weekly email newsletter to your customers with updates on discounts and other great content specific to your industry. Using email sequencing to draft all your content at once and then set a schedule for dissemination will help your staff save time.

Take a holistic look at your company’s operations and then determine where AI and machine learning can help you incrementally improve. Both can be useful assets.

Pay Close Attention to the Innovators

Industry giants such as Google, Apple, and Facebook are always developing new, innovative ways to use AI and machine learning to improve business operations. They’re always exploring cutting edge technologies such as natural language processing, biometrics, and data analytics.

As these new innovations become available, monitor the innovators to determine which ones to incorporate into your standard operating procedures. Use them to be creative and think outside the box, tapping new methods for making your business more efficient.

Do Your Research

Sign up for email newsletters focusing on technology. Follow tech entrepreneurs on social media for tips and the latest updates on innovations in tech. The best social networks for businesses are Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Following giants of the industry like Elon Musk and Bill Gates are no-brainers, but there are a whole host of influencers sharing wisdom online each day for free.

You can also set up a Google news alert for various tech-related keywords on areas you’re looking to improve. This gives you an opportunity to see how the media is covering any exciting new developments you may be able to use.
Using your company’s email addresses and social media accounts to monitor innovations in AI and machine learning have two major benefits: first, it provides you with valuable information on an almost daily basis. Second, in the case of social media, the accounts you follow show how sophisticated and dedicated to learning your company is. You demonstrate the importance of following the best in order to improve to your customers.

Monitor Your Competition

It’s important to keep an eye on your competitors. They may be using AI and machine learning in ways you haven’t anticipated.

If you’re trailing a competitor in the market, don’t let their success stifle your own creativity. Use this as a learning opportunity. If your competitors are gaining an advantage over you due to AI and machine learning, incorporate the processes they use to help catch up.

Don’t let pride get in the way of progress. You can adopt the methods that work best with your current systems and programs and discard any that may not work for you.

Organize Your Data

80% of the world’s data is unstructured. Much of your company’s data may be unstructured. In order to get the most mileage out of AI and machine learning, it helps to have your data formatted.

There may be methods of incorporating AI and machine learning into your ongoing operations that you’re not yet aware of. That’s why it’s important to format as much of your data as you can within a database. This helps you get ahead of the curve.

For example, your organization’s HR department may keep the raw data on its candidates in an unstructured format. Perhaps your HR representatives will advocate you move it to a data lake or other type of repository which will then use AI to fill in talent data gaps and automate candidate follow up. Before you even have a platform identified, organizing your data helps you input it into the new platform much more easily.

There are also IT platforms that use AI and machine learning to organize your data. There’s no limit to the ways both can help you improve your processes.

Listen to Your Team

Your team may currently use AI and machine learning in their current roles. Or maybe they’re aware of industry practices that they’re not currently using but would make their jobs much easier.

If you have team members maintaining awareness of cutting edge uses for AI and machine learning, tap into their expertise. Regularly ask them for feedback on existing systems and processes that may fit your company’s budget and can help you gain efficiency.


AI and machine learning are both integral components of any company’s IT operations. To get the most out of them, it’s critical to always educate yourself and your staff on the new and creative way to implement it into your existing suite of solutions.

Maintaining awareness is a critical part of staying ahead of that AI curve. You have a number of resources at your disposal to do so. Take advantage of them today so you can increase your bottom-line tomorrow.