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Creating and Expanding Business Lines by Monetizing Existing Data and IOT


One of North America's largest telemetrics companies who is a leader in smart fleet management technology providing verified inspection reporting, GPS tracking and ELD-ready solutions for all fleet sizes.


Customers demanded better insights beyond the basic reporting on their fleet. Our client wanted to deliver more descriptive, customized reports to their customers while also figuring out new ways to monetize and share the data they had. 


In order to make better use of the data being collected and to provide additional insights and customizations into reports, the Aditi team jumped into action and: 

  • Developed enterprise Application on Android (Tablet)
  • Redesigned user experience to provide deep business insights

These solutions provided customers with new business insights like real-time incidents, predictive analytics and tracking. The tracking itself was done via IoT devices attached to fleets and provided real-time insights and data. 

Business Insights:

  • Drivers speeding on freeways or highways
  • Drivers speeding in school zones
  • Timing of engine idling at gas stations
  • Defect reporting
    • Based on vehicle driver history, the application predicts the expected repairs on the vehicle itself for the next 30-90 days
  • Real-time notifications
    • Application can be used for the school bus fleet/logistics, allowing parents to track each stop to ensure timely drop off/pick up
Value Add

Created and expanded business lines by monetizing existing data. Designed UI/UX for easy customization to each customer with branding, skinning and color themes.