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To paraphrase, Bill Joy, "No matter where you are, most of the smartest people live somewhere else". [1]

For 25 years or more, we have been helping our clients develop technologies while crossing cultural barriers and geographic boundaries with offshore development services located in India. Today we're pleased to announce our entry into Latin America. The expansion underscores the global demand for skilled IT talent as the region boasts a large, highly skilled, and well-educated talent pool.

With Aditi NearOps (Nearshore Operations), our clients can now augment their existing operations and with a Nearshore component. The first of our NearOps delivery centers- located in the Guadalajara Metro Area in Mexico- offers our clients delivery options that fit every need, budget, and consideration. The early adopters among our clients, have successfully integrated Aditi NearOps into their organizations and are currently leveraging co-engineering in a managed service model.

Our team of experienced engineers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various fields, including IT, finance, technology, manufacturing, and engineering delivering over 200+ projects across technologies. The NearOps team will strengthen our core practice areas of “Digital Transformation”, “Data+Analytics”, “Automation”, “Infrastructure” and “Managed Services”.

We would like to thank our clients and partners for their support as we expand our operations to Mexico.

[1] "the smartest people in the world don't all work for us. Most of them work for someone else" -- Bill Joy (1995 article in Fortune Magazine)