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Creating a People-First Culture

2021 proved to be an incredible year at Aditi Consulting. 

Aditi is a Great Place to Work. No, we’re not saying this ourselves; the authorities at Great Place to Work® said it first. And they’ve been calling us that for the past 5 years consecutively.

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on building, sustaining, and recognizing High-Trust, High-Performance CultureTM at workplaces. They have crafted their perspective by learning from great leaders, surveying millions of employees, and examining thousands of the best workplaces around the globe. They also serve businesses, non-profits, and government agencies in more than 60 countries, across all six continents, mission touching more than 10,000 organizations every year.

At Aditi, we feel honored to have been appreciated for our relentless efforts year-over-year to remain a people-first, culture-focused organization. And that further led to us being recognized for our continued commitment to being a Great Place to Work® in July 2021.

Those are not the only recognitions that make us feel proud. In 2021, we also made it to the list of India’s Best Workplaces for Women.

With over 50% of women leaders in our workforce, we take care to ensure that our company remains one that offers equal opportunities for growth, learning, and leadership for all our employees, regardless of gender. Besides having stringent POSH policies, we formulated a dedicated SHE core committee that convenes regularly to undertake initiatives to empower the female associates at the workplace and beyond. We remain cognizant of all active company benefits, policies, initiatives, and keep evaluating and updating them on a regular basis to keep up with the changing needs of our workforce.

And our focus has never been limited to the diversity of gender. Our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity) committee continues to make impact in society, even going beyond the workplace to support charitable organizations, underprivileged communities, and local authorities in the U.S. of the likes of Feeding America. We recently partnered with Skillspire to encourage and empower the under-represented populations by providing training and mentorship to those from under-represented populations, including low-income students, women, and minorities.

What also sets us apart is the fact that not only do we continue to focus on our people and culture but also grow our expertise and thought leadership in our domain, primarily in delivering innovative IT project solutions and finding great talent. Our approach combines over 25 years of technology consulting experience with precise deployment of expertly trained talent. From discovery to completion, we combine your vision with our unrivaled capabilities to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

Our swift business growth and strong commitment to being a leader in IT Consulting & Talent Management were recognized by Xel Research. Last year, we received two prestigious awards: The 2021 Global Choice Awards for being the Best IT Consulting and Talent Management Company of The Year as well as the Global Business Excellence in IT Services & Staffing Sector.

In addition, we were recognized for the following in 2021:

  • Great Place to Work® — Great Place to Work Certification (since 2017)
  • Great Place to Work® — Commitment to Being a Great Place to Work (July 2021)
  • Great Place to Work® — India’s Best Workplaces for Womenlist (2021)
  • The 2021 Global Choice Awards — Best IT Consulting and Talent Management Company of The Year
  • The 2021 Global Choice Awards — Global Business Excellence in IT Services & Staffing Sector 

We understand that recognition comes with great responsibility. We remain dedicated to evolving as a workplace that not just celebrates diversity and talent but undertakes special initiatives to create a ripple of impact outside of our organization too. After all, it’s ingrained in our company’s values or, our SPICE (Socially Conscious, People & Performance-driven, Intense, Creative, and Ethical).

Want to be a part of this Great Place to Work? We’re always looking for people like you. Join our team.