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Scaling Web Infrastructure for a Global Digital Media Company


A leading provider of product data for the Electrical Installation Contracting industry. Drawing on their extensive understanding of the marketplace, they facilitate the voice of the industry and provide the leading electrical manufacturers with the opportunity to utilize the most efficient and effective global communication platform within the sector to generate awareness of their company and products.  


Our client wanted to increase the scalability of their Content Management System (CMS), achieve development flexibility and lower operational expenses. Their homegrown CMS was failing to scale with increasing customer usage, leading to outages and poor customer experience. They wanted to migrate 14 on-premise portals, Corporate Directory Services, Business Intelligence and Mobile backend infrastructures to AWS.


Aditi conducted a  business fit analysis and provided cost modelling. Through a detailed project roadmap, we suggested architecture upgrade, helped in integrating code and provisioning and configuring VMs.

Our team migrated their homegrown CMS data to Drupal, making it easy to create and manage new sites. In addition, we migrated all 14 portals to AWS successfully within a six month time period.

Value Add

Adopting AWS improved site scalability and lowered on-ongoing operational expenses and the migration to Drupal led to positive user experiences.