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2024 US NEarshore report

Discover the major factors and global trends driving North American companies to switch to nearshoring for mission-critical project success.


Why Nearshore is the answer


Download our FREE report and see how nearshoring can streamline your software development processes, expand your IT capabilities, and provide essential team and project scalability you need to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

Gain practical insights into the current applications and future trajectory of nearshoring, from the evolving need for specialized technology skillsets and overcoming labor shortages to the broader impacts of globalization, uncertain economic conditions and continued digital innovation. 

Stay Ahead of the competition with nearshoring


Nearshoring to LATAM provides a wealth of benefits for US companies, which is why it has emerged as the top choice for the majority of North American companies. Our 2024 report details the importance of working with the right solutions partner to take full advantage of the following benefits that drive innovation, efficiency and growth: