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Results From The First Aditi Connect Virtual Job Fair

On June 28th, Aditi Consulting hosted the first of our annual career fairs. This year’s Aditi Connect was a virtual career event where we met with skilled job-seekers to build new relationships and expand our talent network. Our goal was to make new connections that would lead to placements benefitting attendees and clients alike.

Hundreds signed up to attend, and on the day of the event, dozens of career conversations took place by virtue of our digital career fair platform. These short interviews allowed us to get to know more about these potential consultants, discover their career aspirations, and provide us with an opportunity to share information about Aditi Consulting at the same time.

The Attendee Experience

With the recent growth the staffing industry has been seeing, it’s crucial to build trust and connection while moving towards a working relationship. Too often in this fast-paced job market, companies don’t slow down to listen to potential new hires or give them a platform and environment to comfortably learn about the roles available and the organization's culture. 

At Aditi Connect, we made sure to prioritize these conversations, demonstrating our commitment to putting our people first.

The platform we used, vFairs, is one of the top virtual event companies, as evidenced by their G2 ratings. It was important to us to select from the best options to ensure a user-friendly and memorable experience for everyone involved.


Feedback And Results

Overall, feedback from attendees was positive, with many reporting in our post-event survey that they enjoyed the experience. Some of our interviewees have even been submitted for new roles with Aditi clients already.

As our recent blog explains, certain skills are especially in-demand within the tech marketplace currently. Locating individuals who possess the capabilities that clients need to execute technically complex tasks begins with fostering new connections and growing our workforce by holding events like Aditi Connect.

A number of the attendees were returning to work after taking a break, and some were just starting out in their career search, while others had more than 20 years of experience in their role. This wide range of experience and diverse mix of skills will help us do what we know best - connecting the best tech talent with the top Fortune 500 clients we serve.

Stay Tuned For Future Events

With the information gathered from this maiden event, we’ll build on its success to host another fantastic career fair in the future. All of the insights gained from this initial success will be put to good use to further improve our process and help us deliver a much better attendee experience.

We’re looking forward to continuing on our path to offer the best work opportunities and the best staffing solutions within our industry. Stay tuned for details as our next event develops.

 Interested in working with Aditi? You can take a look at our open roles here.